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Snow Removal

The City removes snow piles along priority streets to provide storage space for future snow accumulation, open blocked crosswalks, improve sight lines, and mitigate against drifting for future snow events. 

The City's priority street network includes the highest traffic streets but also some streets in residential areas – e.g. those that include a school zone. The complete priority network includes the following:

  • Priority 1: Highest traffic streets, bridges, intersections, and access to emergency services
  • Priority 2: Rapid transit bus routes and busy streets
  • Priority 3: Main streets, school zones, and residential pathways


No Parking Signage

City crews install No Parking signs where snow crews are headed next. These signs indicate the date of removal which generally takes place overnight when traffic volumes are lower and crews can operate safely. 

The City aims to have these No Parking signs in place at least 24 hours’ in advance in order to give residents sufficient time to move their vehicle off the street. Residents are also asked to remove any rubber driveway/curb ramps.

Scheduled work may be subject to change by things such as weather conditions, equipment failures, and other unforeseen circumstances. Following is a list of changes to the posted signage. Please note that new dates are tentative and area residents are advised to watch for the No Parking signs.


Snow removal scheduled for Jan. 20th overnight was postponed at these locations
Brighton Circle Jan. 23
Brighton Common Jan. 23
Brighton Gate Jan. 23
Cynthia Street from Airport Dr to Robin Cres  Jan. 30
Heal Avenue from Attridge Dr to Nelson Rd Jan. 23
McOrmond Drive from Brighton Gate to Brighton Common Jan. 23
Robin Crescent from Cynthia St to Airport Dr Jan. 30

A reminder that the new date is tentative and subject to change due to weather conditions, equipment failures, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Snow removal scheduled for Jan. 19th overnight was postponed at these locations
7th Street East from Louise Ave to Arlington Ave (east leg) Jan. 25
11th Street East from McPherson Ave to Dufferin Ave Jan. 23
Early Drive from 7th St E to Arlington Ave Jan. 25
Idylwyld Crescent from Poplar Cres to Sask Cres W Jan. 23
McPherson Avenue from 11th St E to Sask Cres E Jan. 23
Poplar Crescent from 8th St W to Idylwyld Cres Jan. 23
Salisbury Drive from Early Dr to Taylor St E Jan. 25
Saskatchewan Crescent from McPherson Ave to Taylor St W Jan. 23
Weyakwin Drive from Kingsmere Blvd to Taylor St E Jan. 24
Whiteshore Crescent from Kingsmere Blvd to Kingsmere Blvd Jan. 24

A reminder that the new date is tentative and subject to change due to weather conditions, equipment failures, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Snow removal scheduled for Jan. 18th overnight was postponed at these locations
  • Avondale Road from Acadia Dr to McKercher Dr
  • Heritage Crescent from McKercher Dr to Boychuk Dr
  • Heritage Way from Heritage Cres to Taylor St E
  • Parkdale Road from Acadia Dr to McKercher Dr
  • Rosedale Road from Parkdale Rd to Avondale Rd
  • Stillwater Drive from Kingsmere Blvd to Weyakwin Dr

This work has been tentatively rescheduled for Jan. 24th.

Snow removal scheduled for Jan. 17th overnight was postponed at this location
  • Rosewood Boulevard from Boychuk Dr to Stilling Mews

This work has been tentatively rescheduled for Jan. 24th.

Snow removal scheduled for Jan. 16th overnight was postponed at this location
  • Temperance Street from 14th St E to Colony St

This work has been tentatively rescheduled for Jan. 23rd.

November 2020 Snowstorm

In November 2020, the City of Saskatoon experienced the largest single snowfall in recent memory. This exceptional snow event necessitated neighbourhood snow clearing and removal for the first time in the city's history. The operation was necessary because the snowfall left the roads largely impassable to regular vehicles.

The City first initiated city-wide residential clearing, which restored drivability. The next phase was city-wide snow removal, which involved the removal of large and obstructive snow piles from neighbourhood streets. This was a much more involved process than snow clearing for a number of a reasons including: the use of more equipment, the time it takes to move between neighbourhoods and snow removal sites, and the large volumes of snow to be moved. City-wide removal was also impacted by weather conditions, the amount of vehicle towing required, varying snow accumulation by location, equipment issues, vehicle towing and coordination with other City services like waste collection. 

Although neighbourhood snow removal took some time following this exceptional storm, it was important to do because of the significant snow accumulation. As well as improving safety and mobility and making room for future snow accumulation, it set the conditions for spring drainage. 


More Information

What did the neighbourhood snow removal operation look like following the November 2020 storm?

Neighbourhood snow removal included removing large and obstructive snow piles from neighbourhood streets. More specifically:

  • Removal of snow piles on both sides of local roads along lot frontages and at intersections. 
  • Removal of piles adjacent to fire hydrants. 
  • Removal of snow in the bulbs of cul-de-sacs. 
  • Efforts to maximize the availability of on-street parking in front of houses. 
  • Removal of piles of sidewalk snow that were left by snow clearing operations and were impeding accessibility.

Given that crews needed to reach every street across the city, it wasn't feasible for crews to achieve the same conditions in residential areas that can be found on priority roads. The end result more closely resembled a completed school zone with improved drivability and sight lines but with some less obstructive snow piles remaining in place. See Snow Removal Illustrations here.

Highly variable conditions in each neighbourhood – including street width, available snow storage space, and volume of accumulation – did result in some differentiation by neighbourhood. 

Will City crews be continuing to remove snow in neighbourhoods going forward?

The city-wide neighbourhood clean-up was an exceptional response to the severe snow accumulation in November 2020 that left many residential streets impassable. Neighbourhood snow removal is not part of the City's standard operations. 

Existing levels of service for winter maintenance will continue. In neighbourhoods, this means City snow crews are sent to local roads when ice rutting impedes mobility (reaches 6” in depth).  

When I see No Parking signs, do I really need to move my vehicle off the street?

Yes! No Parking signs are installed on those streets where removal crews are headed next. The goal is to provide at least 24 hours’ notice. 

Residents need to move their vehicle off the street to provide space for equipment and so that crews can achieve the best result. If you don’t have an off-street space, please move to a nearby street where parking is allowed and available.  

If the snow removal crews arrive on your street, and your vehicle hasn’t been moved, it will be towed to an adjacent street so that crews have room to work. If you can't find it, you can consult the Find a Towed Vehicle! App or call 306-975-2476. 

How do I know when I can park on the street again?

Scheduled work may be subject to change by things such as weather conditions, equipment failures, and other unforeseen circumstances. 

Parking restrictions remain while No Parking signs are in place. 

Does the City remove snow from sidewalks?

When it snows 5 cm or more, the City clears sidewalks next to City-owned facilities, pedestrian overpasses, bridge walkways and high-pedestrian downtown sidewalks with built-in trees and landscaping.  Asphalt park pathways with street lighting are cleared within 48 hours after a snowstorm ends.

It is the responsibility of residents/business owners to clear snow accumulation from the sidewalks around their home/business. Residents are asked to move snow onto their property and not onto the streets. Please help communicate these expectations in a respectful manner. 

Does the City remove snow from bus stops?

Snow piles are removed from priority streets in front of bus stops. Clearing snow from the sidewalks around bus stops isn’t a service provided by the City or Saskatoon Transit. It’s the responsibility of residents/business owners to clear the sidewalks around their properties. Please help communicate this expectation in a respectful manner. 

Is it safe for kids to play on large snow piles that aren't removed?

To keep everyone safe, the City asks for resident cooperation in keeping kids off snow piles and from building tunnels through snow piles. Piles can collapse, and the weight of this snow can be very dangerous.

If the City removes snow at night, won't it be noisy?

Night work can cause some short term noise inconveniences. Snow crews do their best to conduct their work considerately, however some noise is unavoidable – e.g. the equipment beeping cannot be disabled for safety reasons.

Some night work is necessary due to equipment availability, traffic volumes, and public safety considerations.