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There are a number of different options for places to live in Saskatoon. Many people choose to rent furnished or unfurnished apartments or houses when they first arrive. Saskatoon also has a strong real estate market, with many houses and condominiums for sale. 

Finding a Place to Live

Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority has some useful housing advice for newcomers to the City of Saskatoon 


Something to think about when you’ve found a place to live is arranging for utility services: things like heat, water, phone and internet, etc.  Learn more on our Power & Water page.


Saskatoon’s large and small stores can meet all your shopping needs, whether you are looking for food, clothing, furniture, or household items!

In terms of food stores, Saskatoon offers at least two locations of all the major western Canadian grocery stores, as well as several smaller, locally owned grocery stores. There are also a number of stores specializing in foods from different parts of the world. These can be good places to locate some of the hard-to-find foods from your country of origin.

The Saskatoon Farmers’ Market operates all year around, and is an excellent place to buy locally grown vegetables and fruit, and other locally made products (meats, baked goods, jewellery etc.).

For other types of shopping, Saskatoon has a number of choices. There are 5 shopping malls (with many stores in the same building), as well as several other shopping areas containing larger stores. Saskatoon’s many small, locally owned stores provide good products at reasonable prices.

There are also a number of second-hand and consignment stores in the city. These sell good quality used clothes and household items at low prices. Shopping at these stores can be an economical way to start a household or clothe a growing family!

The Newcomer Information Centre will have more information on the various types of stores in Saskatoon.