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Welcoming Newcomers

Understanding Today's Reality

Saskatoon is currently faced with an aging population, low birth rates and labour shortages. To grow and support our city, both in the local and global marketplace, Saskatoon needs more people. City Council recognized this trend back in 2004 and proactively approved the development and implementation of an immigration action plan to address these concerns.

The most recent report on the immigration action plan called “Taking Stock for Taking Action” looked at how well the City of Saskatoon and other groups are currently able to support newcomers coming from other countries and made suggestions for where more work needs to be done. For a guide to the report see the following link:

 Taking Stock for Taking Action

Appreciate Your Neighbours

Immigration is not new to Saskatoon and has played an important role throughout its history. Saskatoon was founded by the aboriginal peoples and immigrants over 100 years ago, and is constantly rejuvenated by newcomers. Immigration brings unique cultures, hopes and dreams, while adding harmony, diversity and vitality to our fine city.

Immigrants are people who have chosen to settle permanently in Canada; while refugees are people who are forced to flee their home country, in search of freedom, peace and safety for themselves and their families. Both make significant contributions to the social, economic and cultural landscape of Saskatoon.

Help to Build An Inclusive Community

If Saskatoon's economy is to remain dynamic and sustainable, all citizens will need to embrace and bridge our multicultural community. Your thoughts and actions today can make a difference tomorrow: appreciate and support your neighbours, your community and your culturally diverse city.

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