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2021 Property Assessment Roll Opens: 60-Day Customer Review Period Begins

For immediate release: January 25, 2021 - 1:03pm

Today, the City of Saskatoon started the mailing of more than 100,000 Reassessment Notices to property owners and also opened the 2021 Assessment Roll and 60-Day Customer Review Period which runs until March 29, 2021.

Provincial legislation states that all property types must be reassessed every four years. Your property's 2021 reassessed value, calculated using a based date of January 1, 2019, will be used as the starting point to calculate your property tax for 2021 through to 2024. All property types were last reassessed in 2017 using the base date of January 1, 2015.

An informative new video series has been developed to explain the factors used to determine a residential property's assessed value, and to provide answers to frequently asked assessment and property tax-related questions.  The videos can be viewed at

Property owners who are interested in reviewing additional assessment information have two helpful online tools available to them:

Property Assessment & Tax Tool: Verify what the City has on file for the characteristics of your property or view more information on your property’s assessment by entering your property’s address into this easy-to-use tool. A new addition to this tool is a range of 2021 Commercial tax class assessment information.

Revenue Neutral Property Tax Estimator*: Enter details from your 2021 Reassessment Notice to preview the estimated change in your 2021 property tax due to the 2021 Reassessment.  *The Revenue Neutral Property Tax Estimator does not include 2021 Budget changes.

Have questions about appealing your assessment?

If you have a question about your property's new assessed value, tax class, or exemption status, email or contact Assessment & Valuation at 306-975-3227. It is often helpful to chat with an assessor before deciding to file a formal appeal with required fees.  Due to COVID-19 protocols, in-person inquiries are by appointment only.

If you choose to proceed and file a formal appeal with the City’s Board of Revision, your Notice of Appeal and the accompanying fee must be received during the 60-Day Customer Review Period (January 25 - March 29, 2021). Information on the appeal process is located on the back of your 2021 Reassessment Notice, or visit

Visit for more information including appeal fees, or call
306-975-3240 if you have questions about the Board of Revision’s formal assessment appeal process.