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City encourages residents to beat the heat safely

For immediate release: August 8, 2018 - 4:21pm

The City is reminding residents to take steps to protect yourself and your family during the prolonged period of hot weather this week.

Water is always an attractive way to stay cool, and we encourage everyone to do this safely. Although, the South Saskatchewan River may provide a tempting option to cool down, swimming is prohibited. The river is dangerous as it has many hazards, such as changing currents and unstable riverbeds.

The City offers safe outdoor water options, including 29 paddling pools, 20 spray pads and four outdoor pools located throughout Saskatoon. Be sure you come prepared with appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and drinking water to get through the day safely.  Spray pads and paddling pools are always FREE to visit, admission rates for outdoor pools apply.  For hours of operation, visit

Other things to consider during extreme heat:

Pet Wellness
On warm summer days, it’s important to keep your pets safe and comfortable. Ensure your pet has plenty of fresh water to drink and look out for indicators of heat stress including rapid panting. Never leave pets in parked cars for any amount of time and offer a means for your pet to cool off such as a wading pool or damp towel. For more information on how to keep your pet safe this summer read our Pet Wellness Guide, or contact the SPCA or your local veterinarian.

Transit Safe Bus Program
As always, Saskatoon Transit offers the Safe Bus Program designed to assist anyone, of any age, that needs immediate shelter or needs to contact emergency services. If you are in duress, simply and safely flag down a bus or go to a parked bus. Transit operators can contact emergency services directly through the on-bus radio system and will give the person in need a safe place to wait. 

Working Safe
City staff who work outdoors are encouraged to take necessary actions as the humidex rises throughout the week such as drinking extra water, increased breaks out of the sun and modified work duties to prevent heat illness and return home safely. For safety tips and guidelines for employees working in hot conditions, visit the Government of Saskatchewan’s Working Outdoors page.

Smart yard and garden watering
During heat waves, there is increased water usage. The City encourages residents to be water wise by watering your lawn early in the morning and skip windy days to minimize evaporation. Smart watering helps the environment and can save you money during hot summer months. Follow these quick lawn care tips to be more efficient with your water and learn more ways to be water wise.

Prepare for changes in weather
Hot temperatures can result in changes to the weather so be prepared and be safe. 

In the event of a leisure facility closure, the City will issue a service alert. Residents can find information regarding service alerts at 

Since heavy summer downpours are a leading cause of basement floods, you may want to take a few minutes to stormproof in advance. Quick checks include making sure your downspouts are down and pointing away from your home, and that your sump pump and back water valves are functioning properly. Learn more about flood-proofing.

For other information on how to stay safe during a heat wave, visit