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City to refund parking tickets, fees for July 2

For immediate release: July 3, 2018 - 5:30pm

The City of Saskatoon has received a number of inquiries regarding issuance of parking tickets received for unpaid time in paid parking areas on Monday July 2, 2018.  


The Traffic Bylaw says paid flex parking is not required to be paid on Canada Day, which fell on Sunday this year. Because The Traffic Bylaw refers to specific days rather than using the general term “statutory holiday,” there is no automatic extension to the following Monday when a statutory holiday falls on a Sunday.

Notice of the requirement to pay for parking on Monday July 2 was provided through issuance of Public Service Announcements.   The flex parking meter stations also identify when payment for parking is not required. There was no indication that parking was free on Monday, July 2.


However, we recognize that other orders of government identified Monday as a statutory holiday and as a result this caused confusion.

As a courtesy, the City will cancel any tickets received for unpaid parking on Monday July 2, and will also refund payment to anyone who has already paid a parking ticket that they received on that day.  Ticket cancellations and parking ticket refunds will be automatically issued – no need to contact us.

Reimbursement for parking fees, paid by credit card or through the app, will also be refunded automatically.   Those who paid for parking in cash on that day may request a refund by providing proof of payment (parking receipt or your license plate number) to Corporate Revenue staff, in the Customer Service area, Main Floor, City Hall, or by contacting Corporate Revenue at (306) 975-2400. Such refunds may be requested after July 9th, 2018.