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City warns public: utility services phone scam threatens to disconnect power

For immediate release: September 27, 2019 - 4:26pm

The City wants to warn residents about an identified scam involving phone calls made from a 1-877 number appearing to come from Saskatoon Light and Power.

The message aggressively threatens to disconnect the resident’s power if payment for what they are saying is 'an overdue account' is not made immediately. The scammer states that the resident's account has been overdue for a number of months, then stating the amount owed.

Alarmingly, the number showing up on the customer's call display shows as the main number from Saskatoon Light & Power, 306-975-2414.

Scammers typically use the information they gather this way to fraudulently get money and/or commit identity theft.

A number of concerned residents have contacted the City on this matter.

A reminder to residents that these types of messages are never communicated by phone from the City of Saskatoon or Saskatoon Light and Power. The City never requests or collects credit card or bank account information from customers via phone, text or email. The City would typically use applications forms to collect banking information for setting up new utility accounts, direct debit bill payments or for the TIPPS program.

Never give out your personal or banking information, or credit card number over the phone, by text or email. It is a best practice to block suspicious phone numbers and delete after reporting.

Residents should contact their bank if they have become a victim of fraud, and also report these types of online scams to Saskatoon Police Service at or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center, 1-888-495-8501.

Concerned residents may also call the City of Saskatoon to speak with a Customer Service Representative at 306-975-2400.