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City/Loraas Neighborhood Blue Bin Blitz Has Commenced

For immediate release: June 11, 2018 - 9:15am
In partnership with the City of Saskatoon, Loraas Recycle will be taking a peek into blue bins in nine neighborhoods this summer. The program gives Loraas employees a chance to identify what is correctly and incorrectly being put into blue bins. The program also provides an opportunity to educate, as the employee will leave a tag on each bin they look into, relaying information to the bin owner if they are on track, or needing some help with their recycling, based on the program rules.
The recycling information that is collected from this program, is also used to guide further communication and education based on what items are most commonly put in the blue bins incorrectly.
If you happen to see a Loraas employee (who will always be wearing Loraas identification) checking the contents of your bin, or leaving a tag on your bin, it is all a part of the Neighborhood Blitz Program.