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Clean-up ongoing after second snow event, Saskatoon remains under snow fall warning

For immediate release: February 2, 2019 - 2:57pm
TC19 - 176

Environment Canada issued another snowfall warning for Saskatoon today, predicting a total of 10 cm from Friday to Sunday. Snow is expected to continue today, getting heavier tonight and into Sunday. City and contractor crews cleared and continue to apply pre-wet sand on Circle Drive for traction. Major roadways such as College Drive, 22nd Street, Idylwyld Drive and 8th Street were cleared overnight, and there are up to 10 high-speed plows, 31 graders, 20 sanders and 10 sidewalk plows cleaning up on priority streets.

Winter driving conditions exist and blowing snow can cause visibility issues; drivers are reminded to leave extra space when following another vehicle. Temperatures are forecast to remain around minus 20 degrees, dropping overnight. Moisture and cold temperatures create a high risk for ice to form at busy intersections and on high-traffic, high-speed locations.

If the storm begins to affect driving lanes on Circle Drive, all city resources will return to preserve mobility on high-traffic, high-speed roadways such as Circle Drive and Idylwyld Drive. When the snow stops, the 72-hour priority street clean-up resets.      

Equipment operators cannot always see vehicles in their blind spots and through the stirred up snow. If you see blue lights on road maintenance equipment, please hang back out of the snow cloud and let the operators clear the way.

 What you can expect from us

  1. w and ice may cause bridges, ramps, overpasses and high-traffic intersections to be icy.
  2. During heavy snowfall, City crews will focuss efforts on clearing high traffic, high volume roadways such as Circle Drive, followed by key arterials, and then local and collector priority streets.  All priority streets are to be graded within 72 hours of the end of the storm.
  3. If more snow falls during the clean-up, crews will go back to keeping high traffic, high volume roads clear until it stops.
  4. Under heavy snowfall, plows on Circle Drive may be travelling at reduced speeds, watch for blue flashing lights.
  5. Transit routes may be impacted with late buses. Transit service alerts, real-time bus locations, and arrivals are available on third party apps like Transit and Google Transit. Access Transit may also be affected by heavy snow on residential streets.

 How you can help us

  1. Slow down and use extra caution.
  2. Watch for blue and amber flashing lights on winter road maintenance equipment. If you encounter equipment on the road, slow down, remain at least 15 metres (2.5 car lengths) behind, and be ready to stop.  Passing is not recommended and may not be possible.
  3. When safe to do so, drivers can report icy or snowed-in locations to the 24-hour Customer Service Centre at 306-975-2476 or email
  4. Be in the Know About Snow! Learn more about what happens when it snows at

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