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COVID-19: City essential services maintained amid closures, social distancing

For immediate release: March 17, 2020 - 4:20pm

The City continues to respond to COVID-19 in what is a rapidly changing situation for our citizens and our staff. 

“As social distancing measures increase in our community, we want to stress essential services are being maintained,” says Pamela Goulden McLeod, Director of Emergency Management Organization. 

Goulden-McLeod says garbage collection remains on schedule; roadways snow clearing and maintenance continues; Saskatoon Transit continues to operate; water treatment remains reliable and safe; wastewater processes remain unaffected;

City construction projects are happening; Saskatoon Light & Power service remains unaffected. 

Police Chief Troy Cooper says community safety measures remain firmly in place.  

“Together with our partners, the Saskatoon Police Service is assessing emerging issues daily in order to maintain community safety while ensuring the health and well-being of our staff.”  

Firefighting and emergency health services are also on solid footing. 

“Our firefighters have a high degree of health-safety training,” says Fire Chief Morgan Hackl. “In fact, there is at least one primary care paramedic on each crew and personal hygiene and protective equipment is made a priority.”  

Today, the City has updated the FAQ on our website at with more information related to the closure of leisure facilities announced on March 16  

The provincial health ministry encourages everyone to be mindful of good hand hygiene, cough etiquette and social distancing. For those who have risk factors such as old age, or underlying health issues, medical experts encourage those people to stay away from crowded areas. 

The City of Saskatoon encourages the community to reach out to those most vulnerable to COVID-19 and to those organizations that assist with our vulnerable homeless population.   

Updates will continue to be provided at and