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How to avoid congestion on Transit buses

For immediate release: September 18, 2018 - 8:25am

Saskatoon Transit works to anticipate areas of growth and puts a plan in place to accommodate for busy routes. Nonetheless, bus riders are reminded during this time of year that full buses can be expected as students find the routes and times that work best.

Riders are reminded that slight schedule adjustments (less than 10 minutes) and transfers to high-frequency corridors along 8th Street, 22nd Street and Attridge Drive will minimize wait times and more importantly there are more buses per hour which means more capacity for riders and more departure options.  

Special high school and university express routes provide enhanced service for students throughout the school year.

Riders are encouraged to use the real-time transit route planning tool on the app called Transit or Google Maps Transit. These apps give departure, arrival and route options.

For help with trip planning please call Transit Customer Service at 306-975-3100.