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Improvements at Key Intersections Planned to Improve Traffic Flow and Safety

For immediate release: May 18, 2017 - 11:00am

Three high traffic intersections are scheduled for improvements this year to ease traffic congestion, increase accessibility and improve safety. 

“These intersections were selected as needing improvements because of the collision history, average intersection delays and capacity projections,” says Angela Gardiner, Director of Transportation. 

The Intersection Improvement Project Selection Process was formalized in 2015 to prioritize key intersections that would benefit from improvements. This year, the intersections of Diefenbaker Drive and 22nd Street, Preston Avenue and Taylor Street, and Warman Road and 51st Street have been identified by this process as priority intersections.

Work at Diefenbaker Drive and 22nd Street is a two-year project that started in 2016. Last year improvements included protected east and westbound turn bays.  This year work will focus on constructing new pedestrian islands and medians. These adjustments are being completed in phases to minimize disruptions and when complete in mid-June will give better flow of traffic and improved safety for pedestrians and motorists.

Work at 51st Street and Warman Road was rescheduled last year to allow the City time to work with the contractor to explore every opportunity to reduce the impact to drivers during construction.

“51st Street and Warman Road is one of the city’s busiest intersections and managing traffic flow carefully during construction is critical to maintaining safety and reducing delays,” says Gardiner. “We’ve taken the time to explore every opportunity to reduce the impact construction will have on drivers and we’ve identified opportunities that will further improve the traffic flow at peak hours.” 

Work at 51st Street and Warman Road will see the realignment of pedestrian islands and medians and the introduction of an additional dedicated northbound left turn lane and new protected southbound left turn lane. These additions will improve safety and prepare the intersection for the change in traffic patterns that is expected with the opening of the North Commuter Parkway in 2018.

Starting in early July, the intersection of Preston Avenue and Taylor Street will see the addition of a turning lane which will improve traffic flow and safety.  Work at this intersection was scheduled during the summer months to limit the impact to schools in the surrounding areas.

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