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Line painting underway following arrival of warmer weather

For immediate release: April 23, 2018 - 2:26pm

The City’s line painting program, which requires dry road conditions and warmer daytime temperatures, is officially underway. While line painting crews will need to follow streetsweeping in some locations, they can get started on those streets that are partially swept or in pretty clear condition. This is aided by a small blower attached to the line marking truck that allows operators to clear away loose gravel.

 What you can expect from us

  • Since line painting happens on the move, detours won’t be in place around active operations. Directional signage or traffic control persons may be stationed around crosswalks or other stationary locations.
  • To add reflectivity to lines, glass beads are sprayed on top of the fresh paint.
  • The City will continue to use durable line markings (lasting 7 to 10 years) on high traffic roads and crosswalks, however, durables are only applied on freshly resurfaced roads and road resurfacing is not yet underway.

 How you can help us

  • When encountering line painting work, slow down and maintain a distance of at least 2.5 car lengths between your vehicle and equipment.
  • When following an operational line marker truck, avoid driving on the lane lines or you risk tracking wet paint over the roadway and onto your vehicle.
  • Line painting is a fast moving operation and crews won’t stay in a single location for long; please exercise patience and demonstrate respect for workers.