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Moving Around remains top priority: $61M slated for roads, walkways & more

For immediate release: May 8, 2019 - 2:00pm

City Council is investing over $61 million this year for rehabilitation, maintenance and operations to make more of Saskatoon’s streets, bridges and sidewalks, smoother, safer and longer-lasting.

“That’s more roads repaved, sidewalks rebuilt, streets swept, and snow and ice cleared,” says Angela Gardiner, General Manager of Transportation and Construction.

“Over the past five years, we’ve made building better roads our top priority. The goal is to rehabilitate Saskatoon’s roads and continue to maintain them appropriately so they last.”

The City’s plan is aimed at repair, but also reducing congestion and coordinating the improvement of the century-old water and sewer infrastructure underneath the road.

The two interchanges set to be fully complete later this year at College Drive/McOrmond Drive and Boychuk Drive/Highway 16 are already improving the way people move around our city.

387 properties in City Park and Riversdale are getting water main replacements and/or connection work, smooth “like new” roads and new or renewed sidewalks. This will mean fewer breaks or failures, better water pressure and less risk of contaminants in the water supply.  

This year, the City is improving 183 lane kilometres of roads. Other major improvements include:

  • Rehabilitation of Sid Buckwold Bridge
  • Resurfacing of westbound lanes on College Drive from the city limits to the Canadian Pacific Rail overpass
  • Resurfacing of Circle Drive from the Millar Avenue intersection to the Circle Drive North Bridge
  • Resurfacing a southern section of Boychuk Drive and parts of Kenderdine Road

“We’ve been working our way through the entire road network, bringing it up to a standard citizens have a right to expect and taking good care to keep up that standard,” Gardiner says. “Roads really matter to the people of Saskatoon, so it’s no wonder why, year after year in our Civic Services Survey, residents confirm maintaining them is a top priority.”

Along with better project coordination, such as sidewalk and roadway overhauls being done at the same time and continuing construction overnight when possible, the City has also adopted a new purchasing policy that allows for the hiring of the best company for the job based on experience, qualifications and construction plan, not just the lowest bid.

We appreciate everyone’s patience during construction. We know it can be a real ‘pain in the asphalt.’

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