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New traffic light install at 33rd Street & Avenue D

For immediate release: May 9, 2018 - 1:00pm

A new traffic light is being installed at the intersection of 33rd Street and Avenue D. A collision in early April caused irreparable damage to the light, resulting in a four-way-stop being put in place until the light could be replaced.

Crews have been preparing the site for installation, including taking down overhead infrastructure that is no longer needed. New wiring, a traffic control cabinet and service connections are also being installed.

The replacement light is expected to be operational by the end of May, barring any delays from weather or unforeseen complications with the installation.

In addition to the new light, an active pedestrian corridor at the intersection of 33rd Street and Avenue C is being installed. This pedestrian device will allow pedestrians to trigger a flashing amber beacon, alerting drivers of the crosswalk and the pedestrian’s intent to cross. The corridor installation is expected to be complete in June. 

Road users are advised to expect area delays during the installation of the traffic light and pedestrian corridor. They should also be prepared for the intersection’s transition back to signalled control.

The City thanks road users for their patience while this necessary work is carried out.