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Pre-sweeping cleans up heaviest debris before the curb-to-curb sweeping

For immediate release: May 1, 2020 - 10:06am

Street sweeping got started a few weeks later than usual this spring because of late April snowstorms and freezing temperatures. City and contractor crews are now making their way through all high-traffic streets completing pre-sweep activities to collect some of the heaviest debris before curb-to-curb sweeping begins May 25. Pre-sweeping reduces dust in the air so people can enjoy the outdoors and allows line painting to get started.

Pre-sweeping work is focused on high-speed and high-traffic streets and intersections where sand was applied for traction through winter. It also includes cleaning up medians, boulevards and in parks along the sidewalk where road sand remains after the snowmelt 

For the most part, during the pre-sweep activities, sweepers will go around any parked vehicles because it’s fast-moving and the goal is to make a pass along every priority street as quickly as possible to pick up the bulk of debris.  When neighbourhood curb-to-curb sweeping begins, we will post the familiar yellow No Parking signs with the sweep date, so residents know when to move their vehicles. 

The neighourhood schedule will be available by May 15 at Thanks for helping us by moving your car on your scheduled neighbourhood sweeping day.