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Pruning Ban for Elm Trees Ended

For immediate release: September 14, 2017 - 11:00am

The provincial ban on pruning elm trees ended September 1, 2017.  Each year, from April 1 to August 31, the ban is in place to ensure that elm bark beetles, which transmit Dutch elm disease (DED), are not attracted to freshly-pruned trees when the beetles are most active.

The provincial DED regulations also restrict elm storage because elm wood, especially firewood, is the habitat for the elm bark beetle.  At any time of the year, elm branches, logs, and firewood must be taken to the nearest approved disposal site.  In Saskatoon, the landfill is the only site approved for elm disposal.  Movement of infected firewood is the most likely way that DED would be brought into Saskatoon.

Saskatoon had the first confirmed case of DED in 2015.  All citizens can help prevent the spread of DED in Saskatoon by following the provincial regulations and keeping your trees in good health on your private property.  Regular pruning by a certified arborist to reduce dead wood, supplementing natural rainfall with additional watering during droughts, protecting trees from root or trunk damage, and avoiding the use of herbicides or excessive salts in the soils near the trees can help keep elm trees healthy.

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