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Reminder: Permits Required for Park Access

For immediate release: May 16, 2018 - 9:00am

Spring is a busy time of year for projects in the yard, garden, and around the home.  Contractors and homeowners with a property adjacent to a civic park may wish to use the park as an access point for deliveries, equipment, and/or vehicles related to their projects.

The City would like to remind contractors and homeowners about the importance of gaining approval before accessing a park to ensure the safety and enjoyment of these spaces for everyone.

Before access may be granted, contractors/homeowners are responsible for contacting the Parks Division to arrange an on-site meeting and completing a request for access permit.  If permission is granted to access the park, contractors/homeowners are then responsible for:

  • immediately removing all litter or debris after the project is complete;
  • immediately repairing any damage to civic property at their expense and/or paying expenses incurred by the City to repair any damage;
  • following restrictions identified in the approval process, including limitations for vehicle access when the turf is wet;
  • accepting liability for any potential injuries and/or damage to public property; and
  • contacting the Parks Division immediately after the work is complete for an inspection and to close the permit.

For more information, or to begin the approval process for your project, call 306‑975‑3300 or visit

Also, a general reminder to all park visitors this time of year – please help keep green spaces beautiful by picking up after your pets and putting all litter in the trash cans.