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Snow Removal from Private Property

For immediate release: March 20, 2018 - 5:00pm

Shovelling snow from private property onto streets can block catch basins and interrupt the flow of meltwater away from your neighbourhood. If snow on private property puts your home at risk for flooding, it can be removed and hauled to one of the City’s three snow storage sites.  

March 19-25 is Canada Water Week. Knowing key seasons and weather patterns when the risk for flooding is at its highest plays an important role in avoiding flooding. A fast spring snow melt or a heavy summer rain can cause any home to flood. Reduce your flood risks by taking advance precautions.

How you can help:

  • Never shovel snow onto roadways or over catch basins. Keeping catch basins clear helps promote proper water flow away from your home and neighbourhood.
  • Clean and extend downspouts at least two metres from your home.
  • Call the 24-hour Customer Service Centre at 306-975-2476 to report flooding on your street.

What can you expect from us:

  • City crews are working to clear blocked catch basins that are preventing proper drainage of meltwater.
  • Tips on how to reduce your flood risk are listed at
  • Watch the City’s Facebook page for Home Flood Protection questions and your chance to win a $250 City Leisure Gift Card.