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Spring clean-up time: road crews tackle holes and dust

For immediate release: March 18, 2021 - 10:00am

City crews are in spring cleaning mode as we approach the first day of spring. With warmer temperatures settling in and a lot of snow already melted, streets are drying up nicely. Over the next few weeks, people will notice potholes getting fixed and sweeping equipment starting to clean up the winter sand to keep dust under control. 

Nearly 200 seasonal staff will return to or join road maintenance crews in April, and staff have already been transitioning winter equipment to summer operations.   

Crews are already using cold asphalt mix to patch potholes on high-priority streets where it’s dry enough, which is a temporary fix at this time of year. By mid-April, hot mix asphalt will be available for permanent patchingThat’s when the crews will also start patching temporary, gravel-filled cuts in the road caused by water main repairs in the winter months. 

Over the next four weeks, they will begin initial sweeping of high-traffic roads, clearing driving lanes of dust and debris left from winter. This pre-sweeping is important because it picks up most of the winter sand left on the  road, reducing nearly 90% of the dust quickly. We also expect less dust this spring due to the massive snow removal this winter, picking up sand with the snow. 

Crews will start sweeping residential streets at the beginning of May. This is the city-wide cleaning that uses yellow No Parking signs and towing to clear vehicles off residential streets for curb-to-curb sweeping, that runs until the end of June. 

Circle Drive sweeping begins in May. Find more information at