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Managing Traffic

Saskatoon's Transportation Division monitors traffic around the city and adjusts traffic control or road design to increase safety and efficiency. Report neighbourhood traffic concerns using our online Report a Traffic Issue tool or call Transportation Customer Service at  306-975-2454 


Changes to use of Right-of-Way

In an effort to better protect City Right-of-Way (ROW) and all users of the ROW, changes to Traffic Bylaw 7200 were made May 23, 2017. 

Any private use of the public ROW requires a permit.  The bylaw updates will now enable bylaw officers and members of the Saskatoon Police Service to enforce the requirements for a permit for all private uses of the public ROW by issuing fines for non-compliance.  Fines are intended to act as a deterrent as well as recover the costs associated with repairing any damage done.

A ROW permit will continue to outline conditions to safely accommodate motorists, pedestrians, and other users.  The permit process will ensure that closures for private purposes are coordinated with other planned work on the transportation network.  

The bylaw amendments will also allow the City to remove anything deemed hazardous from the ROW and to recover the costs from offending parties.  

ROW permits can be accessed for an administrative fee of $40 by calling Transportation Division Customer Service M-F, 8:30 to 4:30 pm at 306-975-2454 or by email at


New Fines for Non-Authorized Private Use of the Public ROW

Unauthorized material on street. $500
Use of street of Right-of-Way without a permit. $500
Walking on newly constructed sidewalks or pavement before being     
opened by City of Saskatoon.
Climbing on light standard, pole, tree, railings or fences unless
completing necessary repairs.
Pulling down or defacing any sign or printed or written legal
notice legally put up.
Unauthorized use of sidewalk or boulevard as access for
vehicles or machinery.
Tracking mud/gravel/dirt/material on street $250
Allowing material to enter street $250
Failure to comply with permit conditions $1,000
Failure to produce permit when asked to do to by a Peace Officer/
GM of Transportation and Utilities, City of Saskatoon

Change of Permit Payment Options

Effective Feb. 1st, 2017 payment options for some permits have changed.  Future billing is no longer be available for Right-of-Way Permits, Excess Load Truck Permits and Driveway Crossing Permits issued by the Transportation Division of the City of Saskatoon.

Payments can now be made using credit cards including American Express, VISA or MasterCard.  These permit applications and payments can be made by calling 306-975-2454.

 What you  can expect from us

  • Future billing for permits is no longer be a payment option.
  • Payments can be made using credit cards.
  • Permit payments must be made by phone.
  • Permits will be emailed to applicants when payments have been processed.

 How you can help us

Traffic Monitoring

The Transportation Division administers a traffic monitoring program to understand how people travel around the Saskatoon and to assess the performance of roadways.

Traffic count data is collected from eight permanent count stations situated at major locations throughout the city, which continually record traffic volumes throughout the year. In the summer months, crews install temporary traffic counters to derive traffic statistics for major roadways around Saskatoon.

Detailed traffic information can be provided to the public for a fee. For more information, please contact us directly.

Trucking Program 

The trucking program is governed by the  Traffic Bylaw 7200, which outlines regulations and required routes for long haul and pick-up/delivery trucks within City limits.

You may also want to refer to:
 Schedule No. 7 – Gross Weight Chart
 Schedule No. 8 – Pick Up and Delivery Vehicle Route Map
 Schedule No. 8a – Long Haul Vehicle Route Map
 Truck Route Structure_Clearances

Saskatoon Truck Route Map

A Saskatoon Truck Route Map, detailing truck routes, structure clearances and other trucking program information is available at the Information Desk at City Hall, or by calling 306-975-2454.

Trucking Permits

Starting on January 1, 2016, the City of Saskatoon began charging an application fee for Trucking and Vehicle Permits required for excess loads.

The new fees will cover the costs associated with reviewing permit applications, which currently comes from the mill rate. The fee is not a guarantee of approval, but purely an application processing fee. This new payment system reflects a “user-pays principle”, common across many other Canadian cities for these types of permits. The fees are as follows:

  • Blanket annual vehicle permits = $50
  • Daily vehicle permits = $30

As per Bylaw No. 7200, trucks that are over 2.6 metres wide or 4.15 metres tall require an Excess Dimension Permit from the City of Saskatoon to travel within city limits. Non-divisible loads in excess of those outlined in Schedule No. 7 require an Excess Load Permit to travel within city limits.

  • An Excess Load Permit is required when a vehicle intends on traveling on City streets while weighing in excess of the maximum vehicle weights prescribed in Schedule No. 7. Excess Load Permits will not be issued for divisible loads. Refer to Section 4 of the Permit Policy.
  • An Excess Dimension Permit is required when a vehicle intends on traveling on City streets while exceeding the maximum vehicle dimensions prescribed in the Bylaw. Refer to Section 5 of the Permit Policy.
  • For unlicensed construction or farm equipment, refer to Section 3.5 of the Permit Policy

Excess Dimension Permit Flagging/Identification Requirements:

Width Requirements
Greater than 2.6 metres Red flags on the extremities of the load overhanging sides or rear of vehicles.
Greater than 3.05 metres Signs required at the rear, in addition to the above.
Greater than 3.3 metres A minimum of one amber flashing or rotating beacon visible for 200 metres, in addition to the above.
Greater than 5.0 metres Trail vehicle required (rear only), in addition to the above.
Greater than 5.49 metres 2 pilot vehicles required (one front and one rear).


Length Requirements
Greater than 25 metres Sign required at rear.
Greater than 27.5 metres Amber beacon and rear sign.
Greater than 31 metres Amber beacons and signs, front and rear.                                                                                                   
Greater than 34 metres 1 pilot vehicle in addition to the above.
Greater than 38 metres 2 pilot vehicles in addition to the above.
Greater than 41 metres May require police assistance. 


Height Requirements
Greater than 5.2 metres Treated as a building move, route needs to be approved by other departments.                                    

An Excess Load Permit and/or an Excess Dimension Permit cannot be used in place of a Vehicle Routing Permit. A vehicle that exceeds the maximum vehicle weights or that exceeds the maximum vehicle dimensions prescribed in Bylaw 7200 and that wishes to travel off an established vehicle route, must obtain a Vehicle Routing Permit in addition to the appropriate Excess Load or Excess Dimension Permit.Subject to the provisions outlined in subsection 44(8) of Bylaw 7200, a Vehicle Routing Permit is required when a vehicle intends on deviating from the established vehicle routes prescribed in Schedule No. 8. Refer to Section 6 of the Permit Policy.

Permit Request Process

It is the responsibility of the trucking company to obtain any permits required to travel within city limits:

  • All permit requests are to be submitted via phone (306-975-2454) or fax (306-975-2971) to the Transportation Division directly.
  • All permit fees will be paid at the time of request by credit card.  Forward Billing payment options stopped as of February 1, 2017.
  • Permit requests will be processed from Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., with the exception of holidays.
  • A minimum of two business days is required for processing permit requests.
  • Following a successful review of the permit request, the applicant will receive a Permit Number. This Permit Number must be provided by the operator of the vehicle upon request by a police officer or the General Manager of Transportation & Utilities, City of Saskatoon.

Curb/Sidewalk Crossing and Right-of-Way Application

Starting on January 1, 2016, the City of Saskatoon began charging application fees for Right-of-Way Permits and Sidewalk Crossing Permits.

The new fees will cover the costs associated with reviewing permit applications, which currently comes from the mill rate. The fee is not a guarantee of approval, but purely an application processing fee. This new payment system reflects a “user-pays principle”, common across many other Canadian cities for these types of permits.

You can save time and apply for a curb, sidewalk and right-of-way crossing permits over the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The fees are as follows:

Right-of-Way Permits

  • Right-of-Way Blanket permit = $150
  • Individual Right-of-Way permit = $40

If you have any questions or comments about a right-of-way permit, you can email us at or you can call us at 306-975-2454.

Sidewalk Crossing Permit = $375

Some helpful documents can be viewed by clicking on the below links. Please review them before submitting your plan.

 Curb and Sidewalk Crossing Information Package
 Private Driveway Crossing Guidelines
 Protect Saskatoon Trees

After reviewing the above documents, you can submit your plan to us by emailing and attaching your plan to the email. Please provide your contact information to us.

If you have any questions or comments you can email us at or you can call us at 306- 975-2454.

Thank you for your interest in acquiring a Curb and Sidewalk Crossing Permit from the City of Saskatoon.

Traffic Detours
  • The Transportation Roadway Activity Coordinators can help you set up a safe and efficient road closure to help get your project completed safely and efficiently.  Please open the External Detour Request Form located under Related Documents, complete the information and email it to   Ensure a minimum of 3 full business days for your request to be processed.

Traffic Signal underground Locates

Traffic Lights – Signals & Underground Locates enquiries please contact the below
Phone: 306-975-2981