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Climate Adaptation Strategy

Through a new Climate Adaptation Strategy, the City of Saskatoon is preparing itself to face impacts (and mitigate risks) to key infrastructure that may be brought on by a variety of extreme weather scenarios as a result of climate change. The new strategy is a vital component of the City’s overarching Corporate Asset Management Plan, and it also supports the  Strategic Goals of Environmental Leadership, and Asset and Financial Sustainability.

The impacts of climate change are largely experienced at the community level and include public health implications, water supply and storm water issues, transportation system disruptions, power disruptions, impacts to public and private properties and landscapes, and increased and/or urgent demand for social and emergency services.

The goal of preparing for climate change is to achieve greater resilience such that people, neighbourhoods, businesses and organizations are able to cope with current climate variability as well as adapt to future climate change, preserving the quality of life achieved through current development and minimizing damages.

 Administrative Report: Climate Adaptation Strategies - Infrastructure (March 8, 2016)
 Summary of Current Climate Adaptation Strategies (2016) 

Planning for our Climate Adaptation Strategy