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Neighbourhood Maps

Neighbourhood Boundaries with 100 Block & Street Index (36x57)
Neighbourhood Boundaries with Major Streets (11x17)
Individual Neighbourhood Address Maps

Interactive iMap

This map provides the locations of schools, parks, leisure facilities, sports fields, points of interest, and parcels.

General Map  (Desktop Only. Works best with Internet Explorer)

Projected Growth Concept Plan

Projected Growth Concept Plan (52x36)

Zoning Map

Consolidated Zoning Map (48x36)
Individual Neighbourhood Zoning Address Maps (ZAM)

Official Community Plan Map

Official Community Plan Map (48x36)
Official Community Plan Phasing Map (48x36)

Official Community Plan Policy Maps

Caswell Hill                City Park
King George               Nutana
Broadway                   Pleasant Hill
Riversdale                  Sutherland
Varsity View               West Industrial

Miscellaneous Maps

Tourism Saskatoon General Points of Interest
2016 Civic Election Map with Polls
Boundary Alteration & Historical Expansion
Heritage Properties


How to Order Maps
Map Description Cost PST (6%) GST (5%) Total
1 - Neighbourhood Boundaries Map (57x36) $18.02 $1.08 $0.90 $20.00
2a - Projected Growth Concept Plan (52x36) $18.02 $1.08 $0.90 $20.00
2b - Projected Growth Concept Plan (17x11) $2.50 $0.15 $0.13 $2.78
3 - Consolidated Zoning Map (48x36) $18.02 $1.08 $0.90 $20.00
4a - OCP Map (Land Use) (48x36) $18.02 $1.08 $0.90 $20.00
4b - OCP Individual Policy Map (8.5x11) $1.00 $0.06 $0.05 $1.11
5 - OCP Phasing Map (48x36) $18.02 $1.08 $0.90 $20.00
6 - Boundary Alteration map (30x24) $18.02 $1.08 $0.90 $20.00
7 - 2016 Civic Election map (48x36) $18.02 $1.08 $0.90 $20.00

Maps may be viewed or purchased in person during office hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday at City Hall, 3rd floor.

Map orders from within Saskatoon should be picked up in person.

Shipping and Handling Charges: Charge is for full cost recovery. Minimum charges as follows:

             Envelopes - $2.50
             Mailing Tube - cost is dependant on destination  ~$25

Cash, cheque, debit, credit cards (Visa, M.C.) or money order may be used to make payments. Applicable taxes are added to the total cost of map and publication orders. The City of Saskatoon Community Services Department does not maintain personal or business charge accounts.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Custom Mapping

Custom maps may be ordered subject to availability of data and staff resources. Service charges for providing custom requests are based on industry standard rates. The service of providing custom maps relates to the time spent processing the maps, the media used, plotting charges and any shipping or handling.

Once you have decided what data you require you can contact us at 306-975-2645. A staff member will provide you with an estimate of the cost and expected time of completion . Please bear in mind that requests for custom maps must be incorporated into our ongoing work schedule.

The following rates apply to all custom map requests:

Labour Charge (if applicable), where a staff member is required to create a custom graphic or format, and/or manipulate spatial data in any way: $38.50/hour (minimum 1 hour).

Processing Charge (if applicable), where time is used to collect data and/or analyze statistics: $50.00/hour

Plotting (Large Format) Charge, where a hard copy of a line drawing or map is requested: Vector maps are $3.00 per linear foot and maps or images that contain full ink coverage are $6.00 per linear foot.

Shipping and Handling Charges (if applicable), where a map is mailed or shipped to a client the charge is for full cost recovery. Minimum charges as follows:

Envelopes - $2.50
Mailing Tube - cost is dependent on destination  ~$25