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About Smart Start

You’re Not Alone

With the Smart Start program, male or female adults will find effective ways to gradually add exercise to their daily routine and improve the chance that they’ll stick with it for life. Smart Start includes a whole range of fitness classes, but it is so much more than that. It is a complete source of information on fitness-related topics, special programs, instruction, and support mechanisms that will not only help you get started with a fitness plan, but increase your chance of success.

There is no single right way to develop lasting fitness habits, so we offer a variety of programs, at many different times and locations, to better suit your personal preferences and busy schedule. All you have to do is select activities that interest you and be willing to learn the basic skills. You can then do it on your own or with other adults, who have similar skill levels.

Breaking The Barriers

Smart Start programs are designed through feedback from adults like you. The many resources and classes have been specifically tailored to the beginner so there is no excuse for not getting started today.

Smart Start Guides

These guides introduce you to a variety of different beginner level activities and the skills that you need to get started on your own, with others, or in a class. With this basic information, a beginner will feel comfortable doing the activity and have enough tools to be successful. You can check out your current physical activity level and gain some valuable tips, learn how to properly stretch before starting any activity, and learn how to walk, weight train, swim or golf for fitness. These resources are available at on the left side of this page under Smart Start.

'Learn To' Classes

These classes offer the opportunity to try one of the many Smart Start programs before making a substantial time or financial commitment. They will provide you with an introduction to the skills and techniques you should know before starting a particular activity. These classes are excellent for building your confidence before attending a drop-in or registered class in the future.

Personal or Group Consultations

Consultations give advice you can trust from our nationally certified fitness consultants. All consultants have been extensively trained, and hold Kinesiology degrees or Recreation Diplomas and certification from the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. They work closely with you to evaluate your current fitness level and develop progressive fitness plans designed specifically for you. Expert advice and personal training are available at a reasonable price.

Drop-in & Registered Classes

The assortment of activities, times, locations (Leisure Centres) and prices ensure that everyone can find something just right for them.

Drop-in classes do not require pre-registration; just pay the general admission price, bulk tickets or a LeisureCard and try as many programs as you like. Get the latest drop-in class information with Drop-in Online.

Registered classes require pre-registration, typically last five to ten weeks and focus on one particular activity.

The classes are conveniently categorized into two levels:

  • Smart Start Gentle Fitness Classes are ideal for people with reduced mobility or adults who are looking for a slower pace and gentler approach.
  • Smart Start Beginner Fitness Classes are designed for adults who are just getting back into fitness or who are new to a particular activity and want to move at a manageable pace.

Family Fitness & Child Minding

The demands of family life can make finding time for fitness hard to arrange. Why not bring your children with you? Try one of our many parent/tot, parent/child or family fitness classes. Why not enroll the children in water safety classes? While they are learning valuable skills, you can attend a drop-in fitness session. Or, take advantage of reasonably priced child minding services at Lakewood Civic Centre, Shaw Centre or the Saskatoon Field House. The children will have a blast and you’ll enjoy doing something good for yourself.

Community Minded

The City of Saskatoon is working with Community Associations to offer Smart Start beginner level adult fitness classes in your neighbourhood. Contact your local Community Association to find more information about programs and services available close to home.

Get in motion

For more information on living an active lifestyle visit the City's partner, in motion.