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Cross Country Ski Trails

Ski Trails

Whether a novice, intermediate or advanced skier, you can enjoy a cross country ski experience right here in Saskatoon!

Cross country ski trails are maintained along the east and west banks of the beautiful South Saskatchewan River and in a variety of parks and open spaces throughout Saskatoon.

Trail updates are available on this page, for more information call 306-975-3300 (Mon-Fri).  Nordic Ski Club also offers lessons for children, youth and adults in Kinsmen Park.  For more information visit Saskatoon Nordic Ski

Trail Conditions

Location Date Set Condition
Holiday Park Golf Course Nov. 27 Poor
Lower Meewasin Park Nov. 27 Poor
Upper Meewasin Park Nov. 27 Poor
Meewasin Park to Adilman Buffer    
Diefenbaker Park Nov. 27 Poor
Forest Park Nov. 27 Poor

Additional snow required before track setting occurs

Trails Maintained by City of Saskatoon

Holiday Park Golf Course - Access at Avenue U South - Outside loop 3.5 km double track & skating track

Lower Meewasin Park - Access at Pinehouse & Whiteswan Drive - Loop 4.8 km single track

Upper Meewasin Park - Access at Pinehouse & Whiteswan Drive - Loop 3.4 km single track

Meewasin Park to Adilman Buffer - Access at east end of Adilman Drive or Meewasin Park - 2 km single track

Diefenbaker Park - Access at Ruth Street & St. Henry Ave - 2.6 km single track

Forest Park - Access at Lowe Road, Nelson Road & Forest Drive - 2 km single track - Connecting link to Silverspring Park

Al Anderson - Access at Hampton Green, Dawson Crescent & Hampton Circle - 1.5 km single track

Maintained by Nordic Ski Club

Wildwood Golf Course - Access at 8th Street East - Outside loop - 2.5 km trail set for classic skiing; Inside loop - 5.5 km trail that winds through the middle of the course and is set for both classic and skate skiing.

Kinsmen Park - Access at Spadina Cres. West by the Mendel Art Gallery.  2.7 km single track set for both classic and skate style skiing.

Visit Saskatoon Nordic Ski for trail updates.