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Cross Country Ski Trails

Ski Trails


Ski Trail Season

A minimum snow depth of 30 cm is required for setting and establishing trails.

Trails are inspected and groomed as needed. Upper and Lower Meewasin, Diefenbaker, Kinsmen, and Forest Parks are the main cross country ski trails. Following the completion of the main cross country ski trails, the City will begin grooming trails in 30 neighbourhood parks.     Additional trails are groomed by Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club.  Visit for more information.

Whether a novice, intermediate or advanced skier, you can enjoy a cross country ski experience right here in Saskatoon! Cross country ski trails are maintained along the East and West banks of the beautiful South Saskatchewan River and in a variety of parks and open spaces throughout Saskatoon. Nordic Ski Club offers cross country ski lessons for children, youth and adults at Holiday Park Golf Course and Gordie Howe Complex.  For more information visit Saskatoon Nordic Ski

Trail Updates (Updated March 14, 2022)

Location Date set  Condition Status Maintained By     Access Point Distance
Holiday Park Golf Course


Visit Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club for more information Nordic Ski Club  Avenue U South Outside loop 3.5km double track & skating track
Lower Meewasin Park Mar 14 

Fair to Poor

City of Saskatoon  Pinehouse & Whiteswan Drive  Loop 4.8 km single track
Upper Meewasin Park Mar 14 Fair to Poor City of Saskatoon  Pinehouse & Whiteswan Drive Loop 3.4 km single track
Meewasin Park to Adilman Buffer Mar 14 Fair to Poor City of Saskatoon  East end of Adilman Drive or Meewasin Park 2 km single track
Diefenbaker Park Mar 14 Fair toPoor City of Saskatoon  Ruth Street & St. Henry Ave 2.6 km single track
Forest Park Mar 14 Fair to Poor City of Saskatoon  Lowe Road, Nelson Road & Forest Drive 2 km single track - Connecting link to Silverspring Park
Wildwood Golf Course - Visit Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club for more information Nordic Ski Club  8th Street East

Outside loop - 2.5 km trail set for classic skiing

Inside loop - 5.5 km trail that winds through the middle of the
course and is set for both classic and skate skiing

Kinsmen Park Mar 14 Fair to Poor City of Saskatoon  Spadina Cres. West by the Mendel Art Gallery 2.7 km single track set for both classic and skate style skiing

Neighbourhood Parks

The Community Associations will be providing ski trails in neighbourhood parks for the 2021/2022 season.  As of January 13, not all trails are ready for use.  Trails that have been set, have been noted below.

Community Association Park Address
Caswell Hill Ashworth Holmes 915 Avenue D
Confederation Park Parc Canada Meighen Crescent & John A. MacDonald Road
Fairhaven HS Sears 222 Pendygrasse Road
Holiday Park Holiday Park 1205 Schuyler Street
Hudson Bay Park Henry Kelsey 36th Street & Howell Avenue
Riversdale / King George Victoria Park 810 Spadina Crescent West
Lawson Heights Rochdale 402 Redberry Road
Mount Royal Sifton Park 415 Witney Avenue North
North Park / Richmond Heights GD Archibald 1815 Spadina Crescent East
River Heights Umea 219 Primrose Drive
Silverwood WJL Harvey North 290 Russell Road
Westmount Pierre Radisson 1320 29th Street West
Adelaide Park /Churchill Churchill  1015 Wilson Crescent
Buena Vista (groomed Jan 12) Buena Vista 310 7th Street E
Brevoort Park Brevoort Park North 2625 Early Drive
Brevoort Park Brevoort Park South 2620 Early Drive
Briarwood Donna Birkmaier 1015 Briarwood Road
College Park Dr Gerhard Herzberg 215 Acadia Drive
East College Park Edward McCourt &
Along 8th Street
373 Guelph Crescent
Eastview James Anderson 3102 Arlington Avenue
Eastview Kistikan 3031 Arlington Avenue
Holliston Canon Smith 1507 Isabella Street
Lakeridge Crocus Park 223 Emmeline Road
Lakeview Lakeview 175 Whiteshore Crescent
Rosewood Hyde Slimmon Road
South Nutana Park Harold Tatler North 2525 Jarvis Drive
South Nutana Park Harold Tatler South 2520 Jarvis Drive
Varsity View (groomed Jan 12) President Murray 1205 Colony Street
Varsity View Grovsner  1603 Main Street
Wildwood Wildwood 315 Rosedale Road
Queen Elizabeth / Haultain /
Exhibition  (groomed Jan 12)
Weaver 515 Adelaide Street


Ski Trail Etiquette

  • If you enjoy walking in areas where there are ski trails, please respect skiers and avoid groomed trails. Footprints can damage the ski tracks and skating lanes, making skiing difficult and less enjoyable.
  • Dogs are not permitted on ski trails.
  • Please obey directions on one-way trails.
  • Ski on the right on double tracks.
  • Please step off the trail for faster skiers.