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SNOW AND ICE UPDATE- October 30th, 6:30am

Saskatoon recently experienced: 
Moderate Snowfall
Crews are: 
Applying de-icing materials on priority 1 streets (freeway, access to emergency services and hospitals and major roadways)
Applying de-icing materials on priority 2 streets (busy roadways such as Broadway Avenue or Fairlight Drive)
Applying de-icing materials on priority 3 streets (Main streets and schools, remainder of arterials and collectors)
Plowing and grading priority streets
Grading high-traffic sidewalks and pathways
Messages for the public: 
Crews work throughout the winter season, 24/7, to apply de-icing materials along priority streets and at trouble intersections. Plowing or grading occurs as required.
Snow plows and graders are slow moving. We ask that drivers to please pass equipment slowly and safely.
The City has employed the use of contractors to help address problem areas.
Follow our progress during a snow event by using our online map and learn more about the Snow & Ice Program at
Next update: 
6:30 a.m.