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 COVID-19 Response for Saskatoon Residents

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Demolition Permits


On May 28, 2018 City Council amended Building Bylaw No. 9455 to limit permit length for the demolition of ground-oriented dwelling units, residential garages and accessory buildings.  The amendment is designed to enhance the City’s ability to address stalled demolitions in residential neighbourhoods, limiting abandoned work and enhancing public safety.  Under the amendment, the time period allowed for the demolition of ground-oriented dwelling units, residential garages, and accessory buildings serving ground-oriented dwellings will be 60 days from date of issuance, which is down from the previous permit length of two years. Currently, over 73 per cent of residential demolitions are completed within 60 days.

Provisions remain within the bylaw for a Demolition Permit to be extended on a case by case basis.

Customers are encouraged to complete utility disconnects, tree protection, asbestos abatement and site security prior to applying for the permit.

For more information on the updated bylaw or on Demolition Permits in general please contact Building Standards at 306-975-2645.

How to Apply for a Demolition Permit

To apply for a permit to demolish a building or structure:

  1. Complete the Demolition Building and Development Application which are pages 1 and 4 of the new Building and Development Application Package.
  2. Submit all information listed on the Demolition Building and Development Application form.
  3. Submit the application and supporting materials to Building Standards through our online portal below.

 Apply for a Building and Development Permit  

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to protect city property and landscape features, including trees. Please review the Damage to City Infrastructure and Tree Protection Fact Sheet to better understand your responsibilities. 

Demolition Waste

Every year it is estimated that one third of the waste generated in Saskatoon is construction and demolition waste. The City of Saskatoon will be taking a more active roll in ensuring that this waste is being properly disposed. Permit applicants will be asked to provide an estimate of the amount and disposal location of waste material being generated from both demolition and construction projects. All waste material must be designated as going to a provincially approved disposal site. These records will be shared with the RM of Corman Park and Saskatchewan Environment to assist in their cooperative efforts with the City of Saskatoon to reduce illegal dumping in and around Saskatoon.

The City is also requiring applicants estimate the amount of material to be recycled from projects. The City wishes to encourage the reuse and recycling of construction and demolition waste wherever possible. 

Any questions or concerns should be directed to Customer Service Centre at 306-975-2486