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Building Permits


Residential Building Permits

A residential building is a one or two unit dwelling, along with garages and other buildings serving those dwellings.

Residential building permits are required for new construction, renovations, additions, building moves, demolitions, alterations and repairs for:

  • houses
  • decks
  • garages
  • carports
  • swimming pools
  • garage and garden suites
  • secondary suites
  • basement developments
  • and other related buildings


How to apply for a Residential Building Permit
  1. Complete the Residential Permit Application.
  2. Include one complete set of plans which we will return when we issue the permit. For drawing requirements please see the drawing requirements handout for details.
  3. Include a ventilation design sheet as required for new homes, new secondary suites, and substantial renovations. Refer to the Residential Forms drop down list on the Forms and Brochures page for this information.
  4. Include pre-engineered shop drawings for all components in the project which are pre-engineered systems, when available (these may be submitted after the building permit has been obtained for the project).
  5. Submit the application and all appropriate supporting materials to Building Standards, 222-3rd Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0J5. 

Residential Building Permit Review Process


Obtain a Designer

We recommend a designer be involved. For one and two unit dwellings, the designer does not have to be a professional engineer or architect, but the City of Saskatoon must consider the designer capable of the proposed project.

For more complex projects (such as projects outside the scope of Part 9 of the National Building Code of Canada), we require a professional architect or engineer to be involved. Please refer to Requirement for a Design Professional for more details.


How can you help us?

Review the drawing requirements handout before submitting. If you have questions about what is required to be submitted, please contact Building Standards for more information. 

Apply early. This will allow you to plan for all building code requirements, before you plan to start your project. 


Receive a Decision Regarding Your Permit

We aim to process residential building permits within one week of the date of application. However, it may take two or three weeks to review the drawings.

In order to speed up the review process, please ensure you have provided all information and drawings are complete. Applications that are not complete will not be accepted. Projects that are large and complex may require additional time to process.

Building Standards will contact you once the building permit is ready to be issued. Payment of building permit fees is required once the permit is approved. We accept cash, cheque, Interac, MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

Notes on Side Yards for Buildings where not more than one dwelling unit is above another dwelling unit

NOTE: Please pay attention to the National Building Code for requirements for distance between buildings and property lines. There may be requirements for fire resistant materials, proximity of windows to property lines, and the size and number of windows allowable on buildings close to a property line.​

  1. Where a portion of a wall extends to less than 600mm (2 feet) from the property line, that portion of the wall must have non-combustible cladding.
  2. Windows (glazed openings) are not permitted where the window is less than 1.2m (4 feet) from a property line unless the property line is adjacent to a street or lane. Note: The limiting distance is permitted to be measured perpendicular to the glazed opening where the glazed opening is at an angle to the property line.
  3. Walls less than 1.2m (4 feet) from the property line require a ¾ hour fire resistance rating. If any portion of the wall requires the ¾ hour rating, the entire wall shall be rated. 
  4. Table specifies the permitted glazed openings in a wall. For example:
        7% glazed openings is permitted for a wall with an exposing building face area of 30 sq m that is 1.2m from the property line, or
        9% glazed openings is permitted for a wall with an exposing building face area of 30 sq m that is 1.5m from the property line.
  5. The above requirement does not eliminate or reduce the requirements for windows in bedrooms and living spaces so attention to your layout must be provided in designing your home. Where an exterior wall of a building is facing a street or lane the distances may be measured to the center of the street or lane.

The Zoning Bylaw, as administered by Development Services, also indicates requirements for setbacks on a site. Please review the Zoning Bylaw for setback requirements when preparing your drawings.  

Commercial Building Permits

Commercial building permits are required for the construction or revision of commercial buildings (including accessory buildings) and multiple-unit dwellings in the City of Saskatoon. This includes new construction, as well as alterations, additions, relocations, change of occupancy (or use), demolitions, and repairs to existing structures.

Commercial buildings include multiple-unit dwellings (includes dwellings when located on multi-unit dwelling sites) as well as all other commercial buildings. Commercial building permits also apply to accessory buildings adjacent or attached to commercial buildings.

How to apply for a Commercial Building Permit

In order to apply for a commercial building permit, an applicant:

1) Is required to obtain the services of a designer who is familiar with the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada, with respect to the proposed project. The designer must meet the qualifications as set out in the Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act, and in many cases your project will require a professional designer.

For more information on the requirements for professional designers and design seals, please see Requirement for a Design Professional.

2) Must complete the appropriate application form(s) and information sheets. Not all of the information sheets will apply to your specific project; please see below or check with Building Standards on what may or may not be required.

3) Please visit the Commercial Drawing Requirements heading below, when preparing drawings for a commercial building permit application.

Commercial Drawing Requirements

All drawings are to be prepared to professional drafting standards. Please see drawing requirements for more information.

Plans must be to scale and have dimensions. Pencil drawings or drawings on graph paper will not be accepted. Drawings marked “preliminary only” or “not for construction” will not be accepted.

Two complete sets of drawings are required to be submitted with every application for building permit. Not every project will require all of the plans listed below, however it is required that all pertinent information be on the drawings received for review. The scale of the plans will be dependent on the size of the project.

In general, all drawings submitted for a building that is designed within the scope of Part 3 of the National Building Code are required to bear the seal and signature of a design professional licensed to practice in the province of Saskatchewan.

Processing time for your application may be delayed if required information is missing from plans, the plans are inaccurate or incomplete.

The most commonly used forms are the documents below. For a comprehensive list of our commercial information sheets please visit our Forms and Brochures page.

Commercial Building Permit Application
Required for all applications - general information about the project and application information.

Building Code Analysis Sheet
Required for new buildings, building additions and changes of occupancy. Typically, this is a professional architect or engineer except on smaller projects where other designers are permitted.

Commitment for Field Review
Required for all applications involving structural work falling under Part 4 of the National Building Code of Canada 2010 - to be filled out by the professional engineer responsible, at the time of the permit application.

Assurance of Field Review and Compliance
Required for all applications involving structural work falling under Part 4 of the National Building Code of Canada 2010 - to be filled out by the professional engineer responsible, upon completion of construction and prior to the final inspection.


Submit the required application form(s) and information sheets, and all appropriate supporting materials to Building Standards, 222-3rd Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0J5.


Payment of building permit fees can be made when the permit is approved and picked up.  We accept cash, cheque, Interac, MasterCard, Visa or American Express. Please note, payment cannot be processed over the phone. 

Commercial Building Permit Review Process

Once an application is received, it is given an application number and circulated for review to the following:

  • Planning & Development (Zoning Review)
  • Saskatoon Light & Power
  • Transportation Division and Construction & Design Division
  • Fire Department
  • Saskatoon Health Region
  • Building Standards (Building Code Review)

Not all applications are required to be reviewed by all areas listed above. Circulation is determined on a case-by-case basis. If specific approval is required from any of these areas, please inform the permit application supervisor at the time the application is made. 


A Building Permit is required for:
  • residential and commercial construction, including new building construction.
  • demolition, repair, relocation, changes or addition to an existing building or structure.
  • changes to, or construction of, buildings such as garages, decks, swimming pools (including above-ground pools and hot tubs), and mobile homes.
  • structural changes to existing buildings.
  • change of occupancy or use of an existing building.
  • outbuildings larger than 10m2.
  • decks over 200mm (8 inches) above grade, and roof enclosures over existing or new decks.
  • basement development in existing buildings. 

A Building Permit is not required for:
  • fences, driveways and sidewalks.
  • cosmetic repairs such as painting, and minor repairs of interior or exterior finishes.
  • replacement of roofing on a one to four unit dwelling unless the decking is replaced.
  • replacement siding on a one to four unit dwelling, as long as the replacement is with similar construction.
  • laying carpet.
  • replacing doors and windows in existing openings in a dwelling, as long as the replacement is with similar construction.

Building Permit Fees

One- and Two-Unit Dwellings, Townhouses

All floor levels excluding basement $0.70/ft2
Basement development or alterations to any floor area $0.24/ft2
Garage/Accessory building (attached or detached) $0.21/ft2
Addition of deck to existing construction $0.10/ft2
Roof over decks and carports $0.10/ft2

Apartments (New Construction Only) — for those that fall under Part 9 of the National Building Code (NBC)

All floor levels including basement $0.70/ft2
Addition of decks or balconies to existing construction $0.10/ft2
Garage/Accessory building (attached or detached) $0.21/ft2

All Other Construction Not Noted Above

Fee per $1,000 of construction value $7.50

Note: minimum building permit fee: $100; re-inspection fee: $100