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Inspection Cards

Have you received an inspection card from a building inspector?

Yellow Card - the work site requires an inspection

Red Card - an inspection was conducted and there are major deficiencies

Blue Card - unable to inspect for work, call for another inspection

Green Card - ok to proceed with construction but minor deficiencies may be listed

Residential Inspections

Building inspections help owners and builders meet the requirements of the National Building Code.

Anyone who holds a residential building permit is responsible for requesting an inspection at specified stages of construction. Follow-up inspections may be required, depending on the scale of the project.

Book Your Inspection Online

Owners or agents for the owner are responsible for arranging inspections at pre-determined stages of the construction process. To arrange for an inspection, click on the link below.

Book An Inspection

Make your inspection request prior to 3pm for an inspection the next working day.

Before you request an inspection, you must have a valid, open building permit. You must provide the building permit number and project address when calling for an inspection.

Building Stages Requiring Inspection

A Building inspection is required for all of the following:

New and/or Additions to One and Two Unit Dwellings
  1. Footing
  2. Pre-Backfill
  3. Framing
  4. Vapour Barrier
  5. Pre-Occupancy
  6. Follow-Up if required

New and/or Additions to Garages and Carports
  1. Footing (after concrete slab is poured and forms removed)
  2. Framing
  3. Before Use
  4. Follow-Up if required

Alterations to Dwelling & Basement Development
  1. Framing
  2. Vapour Barrier
  3. Before Use
  4. Follow-Up if required

Very Minor Alterations (non-structural) to Dwellings or Garages (less than $1000)
  1. Final
  2. Follow-Up if required

Factory Built Solid-Fuel Burning Appliances and Decks
  1. Framing (with chimney installed)
  2. Before Use
  3. Follow-Up if required

All Other Construction 
  1. Prior to placement of footings/piles; Prior to alteration/demolitions
  2. Pre-Occupancy
  3. Follow-Up if required

Commercial Inspections

Commercial building permit inspections are performed for all commercial buildings issued a building permit in the City of Saskatoon. While they do not follow specific stages of construction as the residential building inspections do, commercial building inspections are performed by personnel assigned to the area in which the project is located.

On commercial projects, inspectors work with the contractor, owner, and site personnel in order to arrange the inspections so they may be performed at certain stages. There is no set number of inspections that must be performed on commercial projects - the number of inspections performed varies greatly depending on the size of the commercial development in question.

Why Do We Need Building Inspections?

Building inspections are a required part of the building permit process, as they aid in ensuring that projects conform to key requirements of the Code. Problems or questions that arise can often be dealt with in the field with the building inspector assigned to the project. Inspections are meant to aid the owner and builder in ensuring that all key elements of the National Building Code are met.

Site Security

Construction sites can range from a large multi-storey buildings to small single-family residences and may include additions, renovations, repairs and demolitions of existing buildings. The degree to which site security should apply to each site should be determined in advance, as part of the overall construction plan for the project, taking into consideration such issues as the size of the project and conditions on the site.

Site Security at the Application Stage

When plans are submitted to Building Standards for review, the applicant must be aware that plans may be requested showing their intentions for site security for their project. These must show all required fencing around the site, supervision requirements for the site (if applicable), and other pertinent information. The requirements of Part 8 of the National Building Code of Canada are the guidelines used within the City of Saskatoon for determination of site security requirements.

Hazard Assessments

Common sense must be exercised at all construction and demolition sites. Safety shall be the highest priority for everyone on site (workers, public/pedestrians and users of the facility). Hazards may be assessed at the plan review stage based on the location of the project, whether the project involves interior or exterior work, and what types of facilities are involved in the project. Where construction, alteration or repair may constitute a hazard to the public, work shall not commence until protection to the public is provided. Note: this applies to all construction and demolition projects.

Discretionary hazards will be assessed to any construction or demolition site, especially those involving excavations and construction projects within established residential neighbourhoods.

It must be understood that these situations will not be the "rule" for when site security is required. Any construction or demolition site may have site security requirements, and applicants are urged to contact Building Standards for more information if the level of site security required is in question.

Excerpts from Part 8 of the National Building Code

Inspection Hotline

To book inspections call 306-975-7924

Or request a Building Inspection Online

  • Inspection requests prior to 3 p.m. enable inspections to be scheduled for the following working day.
  • Projects being inspected must have a valid, open building permit.