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Saskatoon Fire Department - Recruitment

Be a part of the Saskatoon Fire Department and give back to the community that you care about. 

All current career opportunities with the Saskatoon Fire Department are posted at Applications will only be accepted for positions that are posted.  

Learn about the various career paths within the Saskatoon Fire Department:


Firefighters use modern equipment, methods and techniques to combat fires, conduct rescue operations, manage hazardous materials, provide medical assistance, and mitigate emergency activities associated with the preservation of life and property. 

Saskatoon Fire Department exclusively hires applicants who have graduated from a fire training school accredited under the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC). 

Learn more about the Firefighter-Paramedic recruitment process.

Maintenance Technician / Heavy-Duty Mechanic

Maintenance Technicians and Heavy-Duty Mechanics perform routine maintenance and urgent repairs on all operational and support equipment, fleet vehicles and fire apparatus. They are also responsible for outfitting fleet vehicles and fire apparatus with new technology, emergency equipment and necessary upgrades for firefighting, medical, rescue and support operations.

Dispatch Communications

Dispatchers receive and direct all requests made to the Saskatoon Fire Department for emergent and non-emergent response. They take information from callers and use a computer aided dispatch system to assign the appropriate equipment or staff to the scene. While an incident is occurring, dispatchers also record detailed status updates for accurate record keeping that can be later used for reporting or statistical analysis. 

Fire Inspector / Fire Investigator

Fire Inspectors are well versed in fire codes and municipal bylaws. Their role includes identifying fire protection features and recognizing potential fire hazards. Fire Inspectors who choose to expand their knowledge may choose to become a Fire Investigator. After a fire is extinguished, Fire Investigators attend the scene to determine the origin, cause and circumstance of a fire.

Community Relations Coordinator

Community Relations Coordinators foster positive working relationships with the public through the implementation and guidance of programs, events and public education initiatives related to fire and life safety. 

Administrative Support

Administrative Support professionals are dedicated and driven to support each area within the Saskatoon Fire Department, as well as provide prompt response to administrative inquires and requests directed to the Saskatoon Fire Department.