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COVID-19 Risk in Saskatoon

COVID-19 transmission continues to affect the delivery of City programs and services and requires ongoing health and safety measures to limit virus transmission in the workplace and community. The City has implemented a decision-making framework to help guide civic operations and interventions based on the current COVID-19 risk in Saskatoon. 

This framework is complementary to any provincial Public Health Orders and focuses on limiting COVID-19 transmission in City-owned facilities. It operates only in the absence of formal Public Health Orders and is used to inform business continuity, employee, and public safety plans.  


Below is the current risk indicator. 

Status Oerange

Primary Indicator Status of Oct 21, 2021
7 Day Average Weekly Cases Per 100000 persons 20.5
7 Day Average Test Positivity Rate (%) 9.8%
Effective Reproduction Rate (Sample Mean) 0.78
Vaccination Rates of Total Population (%) 64.2%


Indicator  Minimal Risk Caution High Risk Critical

7-Day Average
Weekly Cases Per 100,000 Persons

0 – 10

11 – 20

21 – 30

> 30

7-Day Average
Test Positivity
Rate (%)

0 – 3.0%

3.1 – 6.0%

6.1 – 10%

> 10%

Effective Reproduction

< 1.0

1.01 – 1.2

1.21 – 1.4

> 1.4

Rates of Total Population (%)

> 90%

75 – 90%

60 – 75%

< 60%


Secondary Indicators (Watching)

  •          Hospitalizations
  •          Cases by Age Cohort
  •          Deaths
  •          Wastewater Data

Framework for measures to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19

Levels  City-operated Facilities, Programs and Services  Municipal  Provincial Requests

All measures in place during the level below with the addition of: 

  • Recreation facilities closed and all programs and services suspended

  • City Hall closed

  • Mandatory testing for all staff reporting to the workplace with no option for exemption based on vaccination status

  • Core services operations continue – with enhanced COVID safety protocols that could include staff segregated to prevent transmission including alternative shifts.

All measures in place during the level below with the addition of: 

  • State of Emergency Declaration

  • No approvals of outdoor special events and public gatherings on Civic property (parks, streets, public squares, etc.) 

  • No rentals of City-operated indoor facilities for special events and public gatherings

Request for Approval of State of Emergency Declaration. 

All measures in place during the level below with the addition of: 

  • Physical distancing requirements in place for the public in City-operated facilities: 

  • Includes limits on participants and availability of recreational programs and services at City-operated facilities.  

  • Reduce front facing customer service. 

  • Enact alternative shifts/start times, and remote start locations for essential/core service staff. 

  • Close essential locations (WTP, SL&P, WWTP, JD etc) to outside staff and the public.  

  • Enhanced PPE for outdoor close contact work. 

All measures in place during the level below with the addition of: 

  • Approvals for rentals in City-operated indoor facilities and outdoor special events on Civic property will require protocols for physical distancing requirements and provision of COVID safety plans for the City’s review and approval. 

  • Request for gathering size restrictions

All measures in place during the previous level with the addition of: 

  • Masks required in City-operated facilities and Saskatoon Transit

  • Staff who can effectively work from home will work from home

  • Mandatory rapid point-of-care testing for staff reporting to the workplace with option for testing exclusion for fully vaccinated

  • Mandatory medical grade masking for all staff in the workplace

  • Full exposure control plans in place

  • Enhanced PPE for indoors close contact work

  • Enhanced COVID cleaning and disinfecting (Level 3)

  • All contractors working in City-operated facilities to follow City Exposure Control plans

  • All applications for permits to have special events and public gatherings in public spaces required to have COVID exposure control plans. 

  • Outdoor special events required to have a COVID safety plan. 

  • Consistent public messaging that COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet.   

  • Request for mandatory proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test for non-essential services in Saskatoon. 

  • Request to province to implement mandatory mask bylaw in all indoor public spaces in Saskatoon. 

Minimum Risk 
  • All staff are in the workplace. 

  • Voluntary rapid point-of-care testing for staff. 

  • Recommendation of medical grade masking for staff.  

  • Health and Safety protocols based on specific hazard assessment. COVID-19 safety protocols may be in place based on the task and risk level. In some close-contact work this could include a medical grade mask. 

  • Enhanced COVID cleaning and disinfecting (Level 2).  

  • Fit for Duty form completed prior to coming to work. 

  • Normal/full programming and services at City-operated facilities. 

  • Consistent messaging to staff that COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet.