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Boulevard Gardens

We appreciate the care that homeowners and renters take in maintaining the boulevards adjacent to their homes.

You may garden on the front and side boulevards adjacent to your home if you read the City of Saskatoon’s  Boulevard Gardening & Maintenance Guidelines and complete the Boulevard Garden Agreement below.

What is a Boulevard Garden?

Boulevard gardens can create beautiful and diverse streetscapes, add character to neighbourhoods, and increase feelings of community pride and safety. They also increase ecological diversity and create habitat for insects and birds.

A boulevard garden includes non-woody plants such as perennial and annual flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Only trees and shrubs planted by the City of Saskatoon are permitted. Boulevard gardens may include temporary structures that can be moved by one person, including potted plants and birdbaths.

Please note that the City of Saskatoon may require occasional access to the boulevard to maintain underground utilities, build or repair sidewalks, install street signage, access hydrants, or prune street trees. This could mean that plants or other garden features may be removed or damaged. 

For your own and others’ safety, please Call Before You Dig (1-866-828-4888) to confirm the location of underground utilities before getting started.


Online Form: Boulevard Garden Agreement

Before installing a boulevard garden, please fill out the City of Saskatoon’s Boulevard Garden Agreement. This information will be used to track the number of boulevard gardens that are enriching our city.

This section must be completed by the occupant, if different from the property owner