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Cottony Ash Psyllid Response Plan

Saskatoon is currently experiencing an outbreak of cottony ash psyllid (CAP), an invasive insect that impacts black and mancana ash trees.  In 2018, the City removed approximately  1,600 ash trees from boulevards and parks that were identified as having 50% or less leaf cover.  An assessment of the remaining City-owned ash trees found an additional 2,900 trees as meeting removal criteria.  The 2019 budget allows for 1,929 tree removals.  The remaining trees will be removed in 2020.  


Tree removals & stumping 

The following is the CAP-related tree removal and stumping planned for 2020, weather permitting.  Please continue to check our website for further updates regarding the CAP Response Plan.  


  • To be determined.


Westside Neighbourhoods      Eastside Neighbourhoods     


Expedited process for tree & stump removals

City Council has approved a process for homeowners that wish to cover the costs for expedited CAP-related tree and stump removals.  The removal cost must be paid in full before the tree or stump will be removed. 

  • Tree removal costs will range from $200 to $1,200, depending on the tree’s diameter.
  • Stump removal costs will range from $100 to $250, depending on the size of the stump.

To apply for the expedited removal of a CAP-affected tree and/or stump, contact Urban Forestry Customer Service at 306-975-2890 or


I had two ash trees in the front boulevard and only one was removed, why?

The current CAP outbreak is an emerging issue and our goal is to preserve as many trees as possible. In 2017, we were hopeful that the CAP population would collapse and that some trees would recover. Unfortunately, the decline of trees has been far more significant and over a shorter time frame than anticipated. We will continue to maintain trees that have healthy foliage and are not clearly declining. However, based on the level of decline over the past year, we have established a more aggressive removal criteria for our assessments.

Will the City remove the tree and the stump at the same time?

Tree removals and stump grinding are two separate operations that are done at different times. It may take up to two years for stump removal.

The tree in my boulevard is completely dead, will large branches or the whole tree break in the wind?

This is unlikely to occur as the trees have only been in decline for a few seasons. Most of the impacted trees are not mature and without leaves there is less risk of limb or tree failure.

What happens after the tree and stump are removed?  Will the tree be replaced?

At this time we are considering the resources required for tree replacements and developing a process to manage replacement planting for trees removed as a result of CAP.  Please continue to check our website for CAP-related boulevard replacement planting neighbourhoods.

Do I have to get a replacement tree after mine is removed?

No.  If your neighbourhood is chosen for replacement planting and we have located a potential planting site on the boulevard adjacent to your property, you will see a green stake in the lawn and a notice will be left in your mailbox; you may decline a tree at this time.