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Incentives for Homebuyers

The City of Saskatoon is a partner in two different housing programs that have been created to make purchasing a home more attainable.

Mortgage Flexibilities Support Program

To increase affordable home ownership opportunities in Saskatoon, the Mortgage Flexibilities Support Program was created by The City of Saskatoon, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC).

Only homes in designated projects qualify for this program. Private home builders provide new units that can be sold at prices that households with incomes below the Maximum Income Limits (MILs) can afford.

Total household income of the buyer must meet the Maximum Income Limits:

Household Size Income Limit by Household Size
One Person: $69,975
Two Persons: $74,640
One dependent: $79,305
Two dependents: $83,970
Three or more dependents: $88,635

Households maximum net worth limit: $25,000

With a 5% down payment grant from the City of Saskatoon and mortgage loan insurance from CMHC or Genworth Financial, qualified homebuyers will have the means to finance the purchase of a new home.

Steps for Interested Homebuyers

  1. Contact the builders of designated projects and arrange to view the show homes.
  2. Apply for mortgage pre-approval with the lender (bank, credit union or mortgage broker) of your choice.
  3. The City of Saskatoon screens home buyers' income and provides home ownership training.
  4. The City approves a down payment grant once steps 1 to 3 are complete
  5. Obtain final mortgage approval.
  6. Your lawyer completes the purchase.

Current Projects

New Rock Developments Phone Number - 306-974-1501

Entry-level Housing

Entry-level housing is market housing offered at price points that represent the very lowest end of the market without using subsidies. Individuals and families with combined annual household incomes that range between $52,000 and $80,000 can be considered to be in the entry-level market. Entry-level homes are typically purchased by young families, individuals with new jobs, newcomers who may be just starting out, and anyone else who may not yet able to afford the home of their dreams, but want to take advantage of the benefits of home ownership. 

Today, it can be a challenge for people who do not currently own a home to break into the home ownership market. Entry-level homes can provide an opportunity as a relatively low-cost first step in home ownership.

A list of current projects related to entry-level housing can be found on the projects page of HeadStart on a Home.