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Community Gardens


Gardens provide neighbourhood residents with the opportunity to become engaged in a healthy recreation activity while growing nutritious food, meeting neighbours, building community, learning about the growing cycle, and beautifying open space. 

What type of garden is right for you?

Allotment Gardens

Allotment gardens are a series of garden plots operated by the City of Saskatoon and rented out to individuals. Often they are offered for the purpose of food production and may be developed to support food security. In allotment gardens, the parcels are cultivated individually, and there is no requirement to contribute to a larger group (i.e., donating surplus produce, building community, forming partnerships etc.). 

Allotment gardens are different from other community garden types where the common areas/entire area are tended collectively by a group of people for the purpose of broader societal benefit.

There are 95 garden plots located at 218 Gladstone Crescent. Click here for location details and pricing.  

For more information on City-run allotment gardens contact: 
Parks at 306-975-3300

Community Gardens 

Community gardens are plots of land where community volunteers form a non-profit collective to produce food, flowers, native and ornamental plants, edible berries and food perennials on public or private lands. The garden collective takes initiative and responsibility for organizing, maintaining, and managing the garden area. This participation builds skills and creates positive community development that is widely accessible to a diverse range of people.

If you are interested in community gardening, find your neighbourhood on the map to contact the Community Garden Coordinator near you. 

For more information on how to start a new community garden contact: 
Community Development at 306-975-3378

Vacant Lot Gardening (Garden Site License Agreement)

Non-profit community organizations with a significant mandate in food security can apply to use vacant City-owned property for growing food.