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Tree Request for New Neighborhoods

Thank you for your interest in requesting a tree on the City-Owned portion of your front and/or side boulevard

Any requests received after August 10, 2016, will be placed on a waiting list for 2017.

Planting season for this program runs from MAY to end of AUGUST.  'Planting Season for 2016 is now concluded' 

Tree planting requests are processed in the order in which they are received.  

Please include your top 3 tree species in order of preference in the comments section of the application. Not all first choices can be fulfilled. 

Tree Species

Some trees are in 5 to 10 gallon containers, and some are spring planted 'bare root' from our Missouri Gravel Bed. 

Please note: the trees species are limited in numbers.   

Large (15m or greater)

Medium (9 - 15m) 

Small (9m or less)

American Elm Northern Treasure  Amur maple
  Greenspire Linden  Dakota Pinnacle Birch 
  Majestic Skies Pin Oak Hot wings maple
  Mancana Ash Gladiator Crabapple
  Prairie Horizon Alder Starlight Crabapple 
  Weeping Birch Purple Spire Crabapple
Northern Treasure Ash 

Northern Treasure is a cross between the native black ash and a mandchurian ash.  It's an attractive shade tree with an upright oval form. Lacy leaves turn a golden fall color. 

Mature height: 15m (50ft)

Spread: 6–9m (20-30ft)

northern treasure ash


Descriptions and Characteristics of Common Species in Saskatoon


This is a cold hardy tree that will grow in both dry and wet locations. They are fast-growing, have a low canopy, and an upright spreading habit. Alders areattractive for their dark green glossy leaves and polished brown-grey bark.Their purple catkins and clusters of small brown cones add winter interest.

Mature Height: 12m(40ft)

Spread: 9m(30ft)

prairie horizon




American Basswood

This attractive, large shade tree is easy to maintain and grows at a moderate rate.It is a low-headed pyramidal tree in its youth, becoming more round as it matures.The striking, dark green leaves are large and broad, growing up to 20cm (8”) on a mature tree. The leaves are beautiful in autumn when they turn vivid yellow. The basswood also produces fragrant yellow flowers in late June.Cultivars:• Redmond (Tilia americana ‘Redmond’) has large shiny light green heart-shaped leaves with a downy white underside

Black Ash

This tree is oval in shape and and has a uniform branching habit. It has compound leaves and a moderate growth rate. It performs best when planted in full sun, and provided with adequate moisture. Cultivars:• Fallgold (Fraxinus nigra ‘Fallgold’) is a seedless selection

Mancana Ash

This attractive shade tree has an oval form with dense canopy, and produces no seeds. The striking compound feather-like foliage turns to a beautiful fallgold colour.


• Northern treasure is a cross between the native Black Ash and the Mancana Ash (Fraxinus nigra x mandshurica)

Mature height: 10m (33ft)
Spread: 6–7m (20-30ft)



Purple Spire® Crabapple

This tree has a compact columnar form that is ideal for planting on side boulevards or in small spaces. It has attractive purple foliage and a few pink flowers in the spring.

Mature height: 5m(15ft)

Spread: 2m(6ft)

purplespire crab




Starlite® Crabapple

This is an attractive tree that has dark glossy green foliage throughout the season, which in the fall turns yellow. In the spring it's covered with clusters of fragrant white flowers.  It has an oval form and produces pomes in the fall. 

Mature height: 3-6m(10-20ft)

Spread: 3-6m(10-20ft)





Green Ash

Green ash is a hardy tree tolerant of drought and salt, making it ideal for our prairie environment.  It works well as a street tree because it is easy to maintain, hardy and long lived. 


• Prairie SpireTM (Fraxinus pennsylvanica ‘Rugby’) has a narrower upright growth habit.

• FoothillsTM (Fraxinus pennsylvanica ‘Heuver’) has an oval shaped canopy.

Mature Height: 15m(50ft)

Spread: 6-7m(20-23ft)

green ash

Gladiator® Crabapple

This ornamental crabapple is an attractive tree for the landscape. They are appreciated for their beautiful fowers, outstanding fragrance, hardiness, and ability to grow in most conditions.This is an outstanding flowering crabapple with an narrow upright to columnar growth habit and bronze-purple foliage. Stunning clusters of rose coloured buds open to fragrant pink flowers in spring and produce showy purple fruit in the fall. 

Mature height: 4m(13ft)

Spread: 2.5m(9ft) 

gladiator crap






American Elm

American elm is considered a majestic tree that adds a feeling of richness to Saskatoon’s downtown and older residential neighbourhoods. It is a high-headed spreading tree with a unique umbrella shape; these characteristics make them ideal for street boulevards and for providing us with excellent shade.

Due to the threat of Dutch Elm Disease, the Province of Saskatchewan issues a pruning ban between April 1 and August 31.

Mature height: 20-30m(66-98ft)

Spread: 15-25m(50-82ft)

American Elm

Little Leaf Linden

This tree is pyramidal in shape when young and becomes more rounded as it ages. It is an excellent shade tree, well-suited for street planting. It produces white to yellow fragrant flowers.

Hybrids:• Dropmore (Tilia cordata ‘Dropmore’) has a dense pyramidal shape and is resistant to the linden mite.  Greenspire (Tilia cordata 'Greenspire') is a fast growing pyramidal form and the leaves are heart-shaped leathery and dark green. 

Mature height: 10-12m (33-40ft)

Spread: 8-10m (26-32ft)

linden little leaf







Amur Maple

This small low-headed ornamental tree has dark green three-lobed leaves.The fall foliage can range from orange to an outstanding red, particularly when planted in the full sun. Amur maple produces a two-winged fruit that resembles a miniature lobster claw, and contrasts nicely with the foliage. It is adaptable to relatively wide range of soil and pH ranges. Single-stemmed trees are the best form for boulevard use.

Mature height: 3-5m(10-16ft) 

Spread: 3-5m(10-16ft) 

amur maple









Hot Wings Maple

This tree has dark green foliage that turns scarlet red in the fall and produces showy red samaras in late summer. This is a low maintenance tree and is also considered drought and alkaline tolerant.

Mature height: 7-8m(25ft) 

Spread: 5-6m(20ft)

hot wings





Silver Maple

This attractive oval-shaped tree has many ornamental attributes. Its deeply lobed leaves are light green on top and silvery beneath, and it has an excellent yellow autumn colour. This tree is fast growing and prefers a moist site. It is susceptible to die-back in exposed sites or when under moisture stress.Cultivars:• Sienna Glen® freeman maple (Acer x freemanii ‘Sienna’)

Showy Mountain-ash

This is a small ornamental tree that is very hardy in our prairie climate but requires a well-drained location. It is more resistant to fire blight than other susceptible species.

Bur oak

This is an attractive, long lived shade tree that is ideal for our prairie environment. It has interesting corky bark and lobed leaves that turn an antique yellow in the fall.

Ohio Buckeye

This is a low headed tree with an upright oval form. It does best when planted in a sheltered location but can tolerate most urban environmental conditions. Itsleaves are dark green and palmately compound, and may turn orange in the fall.It will produce a large brown nut covered by a prickly husk. There are several mature Ohio buckeye at the Forestry Farm.

Dakota Pinnacle® Asian White Birch 

The Dakota Pinnacle birch is a medium to fast growing, columnar shaped tree with dense green foliage and chalk white bark. Its leaves turn yellow in the fall. It is hardier than paper birch, drought tolerant and has above average resistance to bronze birch borer. 

Mature height: 10m(35ft)

Spread: 3m(10ft)

dakota birch




Muckle Hybrid Plum

Hardy low maintenance tree with a rounded growth habit. Dark green glossy foliage turns orangey red in the fall. Rose pink blooms in early spring. 

Mature height: 5m(15ft)

Spread: 3m(10ft)

muckle plum



Weeping Birch

This moderate growing upright tree has graceful weeping branches, with delicate cut leaves, which turn yellow in the fall. The exfoliating paper-like white bark is attractive throughout the year. Needs average to moist conditions; shouldn't be allowed to dry out. 

Mature height: 12m(40ft)

Spread: 7.5m(25ft)

weeping birch




Tree Species

*Note: Not all tree species are available for all programs