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Southeast Primary Water Main - low water pressure

Water main repair updates

 PSA: June 8 (4:30 p.m.)

Neighbourhoods east of the river and south of College Drive may continue to experience a drop in water pressure as repairs to a primary water main continue. Primary water mains are large in diameter and carry water from the Water Treatment Plant to the smaller water mains that service surrounding neighbourhoods. As the leak is on a primary water main, investigative work and isolating the issue is more complex than it is on the smaller water mains. Once the leak is detected and isolated the repair can occur. 

Water quality is unaffected and the water is safe to drink, however, residents and businesses in this area are asked to avoid unnecessary water use, such as watering lawns and washing cars until further notice. Activities, such as hand washing and bathing are ok. 

Water pressure is anticipated to return to normal by Sunday, June 13, however, an update will be provided once this is confirmed. The Taylor Street off-ramp to Circle Drive southbound remains closed as this is the water main break location.

Which areas are affected?

  • The area east of the South Saskatchewan River and south of College Drive is impacted. Some neighbourhoods may have more pressure loss than others, as shown in the map below. 

Can I still fill the bath, have a shower, run the dishwasher or do laundry?

  • Yes, you may still use water for these daily activities, but you may notice a drop in pressure.

Can I drink the water from my tap?

  • Water quality is not affected; water is safe to drink.
  • Residents and businesses can use water for daily activities, such as hand washing and bathing, but a pressure drop may be noticeable.

Can I water my lawn and wash my car?

  • To lessen the impact of low water pressure, please avoid watering your lawn and using extra water other than for daily activities such as hand washing and bathing.

What other City services are affected?

  • City irrigation and public facilities in the impacted areas have reduced water usage, including at some parks and spray pad locations. For more information on spray pad closures and spray pads that continue to operate around Saskatoon, visit

When will water pressure be back to normal?

  • We anticipate normal water pressure to return by Sunday, June 13 barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Where do I go for the most up to date information?

  • This webpage (direct link: will be updated and subscribers of the City’s emergency alert system notifynow will get alerts as the repairs progress. Sign up for notifynow alerts for your area (it may take a day or so after you first sign up to receive future alerts). 

Affected area for Primary Watermain repair