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Light Pole Upgrade

Saskatoon Light & Power will be upgrading the street light poles in the Adelaide/Churchill neighbourhood weather permitting. These upgrades will follow current roadway lighting standards used in cities throughout North America. 

During this project  (May 16 - June 30, 2022)

  • Crews will be replacing street light poles and relocating some existing poles.  

  • Poles will be installed in the City boulevard, and where feasible, will be located at the property line between two properties.  

How you can help 

  • Stay clear of the work zone for your safety and the safety of workers. 

  • “No Parking” signs will be posted in the current work areas. Please do not park in the posted areas on the day indicated. Parking restrictions are expected to only be in place for one day for each location.  

  • Pole locations will be marked with wooden stakes and pink paint. Please do not remove the stakes.

Frequently asked questions


Will waste collections be affected?  
No, this will not affect collections of your Black, Blue, or Green Cart. 


Will there be traffic and street/driveway access restrictions?  
Crews may temporarily block access to streets or driveways. 


Will power service be affected?  
No, power disruptions are not anticipated.   


Will bus routes change?  
No, bus routes within the construction area will not be affected.