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LED Street Light Conversion Project

What's the Bright Idea? - LED Street Light Conversion Project

Beginning in Fall 2020, Saskatoon Light & Power (SL&P) started a project to replace more than 17,000 of its current high pressure sodium (HPS) street light fixtures with light emitting diode (LED) technology. This is approximately 80% of SL&P maintained street lighting in Saskatoon. These fixtures are within residential neighbourhoods, park pathway lighting, commercial areas, and along major streets.

This two-year project will cost $6.12 million with 40% of the cost paid for, in part, by the Federal Government’s Low Carbon Economy Fund. The remaining $3.7 million will be covered by a green loan that would be paid back through cost savings, which are estimated at $849,000/year once all fixtures are replaced. After the green loan has been paid, savings related to the LED street light conversion will go into a reserve fund to pay for future maintenance of the system.

Annually, the City will see an energy savings of 8,878,386 kWh resulting in a reduction of around 5,787 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. That is equivalent to removing approximately 1,250 passenger cars off the road.

Click here for more information on SL&P’s street lighting program.

What's the Bright Idea

As work commences, SL&P’s “What’s the Bright Idea” campaign, aims to inform the importance of LED fixtures for the community, including:

  • 60%-70% less energy used than the existing HPS and metal halide fixtures;
  • Dark sky compliant;
  • Continual work in all weather conditions that Saskatchewan could experience;
  • ​Reduced maintenance costs;
  • 100,000 hours of light; and 
  • Increased lifespan, approximately 25 years. 

LED brightness compared to HPS

While overall light levels are reduced by the new LED street light fixtures, they may appear brighter than the old HPS fixtures because of the following factors:

  • New LED fixtures are broad spectrum which improve the colour and clarity;
  • Lighting patterns are more even so the eye does not need to quickly adapt to bright and dark spots; and/or
  • Output from old HPS fixtures decreases dramatically as the lamp ages and will be as low as 50% output after 6-7 years of operation.  

Lighting not addressed in this program

The following lights have already been upgraded to an older style LED fixture and will be replaced to the new LED fixtures as they fail:

  • Decorative lights downtown;
  • Lights along freeways;
  • In pedestrian tunnels;
  • Under overpasses; and
  • Floodlights.