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Saskatoon Light & Power

Current Outages

Our mandate is to provide safe, reliable, and cost effective electricity in an environmentally responsible way to the over 59,000 properties within our service area.

We purchase power in bulk from SaskPower, and distribute that power through a system of substations, distribution lines and transformers to our customers.

We also own and maintain the City’s street light system.

Our focus is customer service. We maintain our infrastructure, and ensure our staff are well-trained and safe. This helps ensure both power outages, and the time it takes to restore power to our customers is minimized.

Saskatoon Light & Power Service Area

Saskatoon Light & Power provides electrical service within the 1958 City boundary (highlighted in bright green above). The area outside the boundary, with the exception of the University of Saskatchewan, is served by SaskPower.

As the boundaries intersect in some neighbourhoods, SL&P and SaskPower each provide service to the following areas: Airport Business Area, Arbor Creek, College Park East, CN Industrial, Erindale, Evergreen, North Industrial and Westview.

Saskatoon Light & Power Service Area pdf 4.3MB

Saskatoon Light & Power Customer Information Guide

The Saskatoon Light & Power Customer Information Guide provides information for anyone wanting to upgrade an existing or install a new electrical service. The Guide includes service entrance and metering requirements as well as safety information.

Letter to All Licensed Electrical Contractors regarding the Customer Information Guide.

For more information, please call 306-975-7768.

Careers at Saskatoon Light & Power

We believe in providing our staff with opportunities for growth and training, and career advancement.

We’re currently engaged in a proactive apprenticeship training program that will see apprenticeship opportunities continue over the next several years.

In co-operation with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 319, over the next decade we will see a transition from non-trade support positions to Journeyman apprenticeships. In addition, as employees retire, there will be a number of opportunities for further apprenticeships to replace these workers.

The apprenticeship program focuses on the Power Line Person and Power Electrician trades. Those who successfully complete the apprenticeships will have the opportunity to work in an exciting, challenging and rewarding field of work.

If you are interested in pursuing an apprenticeship position, our minimum requirements include:

Grade 12 education
Math A30 (Algebra 20)
Math C30 (Trigonometry 30)
Physics 30

Are you up to the challenge? Visit Careers at the City of Saskatoon.

Did You Know?

Saskatoon Light & Power:

  • Was founded in 1906.
  • Provides power to about 117,200 Saskatoon residents!
  • Serves an area about 69 square kilometers in size.
  • Owns and maintains approximately 20,000 energy-efficient street light fixtures.
  • Is debt free and contributes its annual operating surplus of about $15.4 million to the City.
  • Pays the City an additional $13.4 million each year in municipal surcharges as a grant in lieu of taxes.
  • Contributes about $3.1 million each year to local businesses through the purchase of goods and services.
  • Provides approximately 143 permanent jobs in the areas of Administration, System Planning, Construction and Operation, with an annual payroll of $7.3 million. Utility meter reading and bill collection services common to Electrical, Water and Sewer Utilities are provided by the Finance Branch, Corporate Services Department of the City.
  • Provides decorative lighting on twelve main City roadways and bridges during the Christmas season.
  • Is a member of the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) and participates in the CEA Sustainable Electricity program:
    CEA Sustainability Electricity Brochure pdf 931 KB