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Cross Connection Control

COVID-19 Response: Cross Connection Reports​

Cross Connection customers are once again receiving testing reminder and deficiency notices.   Please continue to submit test reports electronically; hard copies of test reports are no longer accepted.

A cross connection is a connection between the City's drinking water supply and a potentially polluted or contaminated source. Examples include hose attached to a pesticide spray bottle,and leaving the end of a hose in a paddling pool while filling it. In these scenarios, a drop in water pressure could cause the hose to act as a siphon and suck contaminants into your water supply. This makes the water unsafe to drink and dangerous for you, your family and your neighbours. Learn more about Cross Connection Protection and Devices.

Cross connections between water supplies and sources of contamination represent one of the most significant threats to health in the water supply industry.


Cross Connection Control Inspectors help reduce the risk of contamination by educating the public and working with commercial and industrial water users to ensure proper backflow prevention devices are installed, and that industrial and commercial companies comply with The Waterworks Bylaw No. 7567. Once installed, backflow prevention devices must be tested annually by licensed backflow tester, who will submit the Testing and Inspection Report to the City.

Upon notification of new installations, Saskatoon Water Cross Connection Inspectors conduct on-site inspections. Each inspection includes documents and photographs of serial numbers, devices used, whether these devices have been tested, and if appropriate devices have been installed. The contractors or building owners are notified if changes or corrections to the installed backflow prevention system are required.  If these changes are not made within the allotted timeframe, water service to the property may be terminated until the corrections are made.  All testing and inspection reports, photographs, and correspondence are kept on file for that specific service address.

Certified Cross Connection Control Device Tester

Cross connection control testers are individuals certified by recognized institutions to test cross connection control devices and systems. Find a licensed backflow tester.

Annual Testing and Inspection Report

This form is required for each device every year, to be completed by a licensed backflow tester. Submit completed Testing and Inspection Report (fillable PDF) or save and email completed report.

Troubleshoot issues with the Testing and Inspection Report

Difficulty viewing or filling in the form:

  1. Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF file. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader (free).
  2. Save the PDF and email completed form to  
  3. Email or call us at 306-975-2290 for support.

Submit function not working:

  1. Restart and sign-in to your default email software and try again.
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Be a Licensed Tester

In order to test devices in the City of Saskatoon, you must first have passed a cross connection control course in backflow prevention testing at an accredited college or institution and obtain a certification from recognized institution.

After you are certified with the American Water Works Association as a Cross Connection Control Specialist, you must register your certification by applying to test cross control devices within the City of Saskatoon.

When you apply to register your certification with the City, you will need the following:

  • Completed New Cross Connection Control Tester Application (PDF),
  • Copy of your Cross Connection Control Special Certificate, and
  • Current accuracy verification or calibration certificate for the test equipment you will be utilizing to test cross connection control devices.

License Renewal

Testers are required to renew their license every 5 years by filling out the Renewal Cross Connection Control Testers Licence (PDF).  In order to continue to test in Saskatoon, you must submit the application form above, which demonstrates qualifications, and a current gauge calibration certificate.

For any change of information such as name, address, or Company Name, please fill out the Tester Information Change Form (PDF).

The Cross Connection Control Program was established in the City of Saskatoon on May 15, 2003, as a result of provincial legislation and by following general industry best practices. The program is supported by City Bylaw 7567, The Waterworks Bylaw. The program is ongoing and dynamic as drinking water piping systems are continually being installed and altered.