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Replacement and Delivery of Garbage Container

Use this service if you are a new homeowner requesting a container or require a replacement container due to damage.  We ask that new cart requests are submitted once residents are living at their new address so the container can be stored on the property immediately to avoid theft and bylaw infractions. You can call 306-975-2486 at any time for help if you experience difficulties completing this request online. Please note ensure the house number is displayed. 

Replacement times depend on whether the garbage cart is usable. If the container is completely unusable (i.e. wheels broken off, full body damage) it will be prioritized and replaced as soon as possible (usually within 7-10 business days). If the container is damaged but still usable (i.e. lid is damaged, smaller cracks), it will be replaced as soon as possible, can take 2-4 weeks.


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