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City Council consists of a Mayor and ten Councillors, elected for a term of four  years. The Province of Saskatchewan, through legislation, sets out the powers of municipal governments.  City Council’s main powers are set out in The Cities Act 

All of the actions of City Council must be for one or more of the purposes set out in The Cities Act, which are as follows:

  1. to provide good government;

  2. to provide services, facilities and other things that, in the opinion of Council, are necessary and desirable for all or part of the city;

  3. to develop and maintain a safe and viable community;

  4. to foster economic, social and environmental well-being; and

  5. to provide wise stewardship of public assets.

City Council is required to carry out its business in a way which ensures that it is accountable to the people who elects it and is responsible for encouraging and enabling public participation in the government process.

City Council also plays a major role in controlling land use in the City, and gets its power in this area from The Planning and Development Act.

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