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2014 Property Tax Information 

You will receive your 2014 Property Tax Notice in May. It will look different. We have created a shorter, new format that is easier to read.

Click Here to view a sample of the new property tax notice format. We have included helpful information that explains what you will see on your property tax notice this year.

Provincial legislation requires the City of Saskatoon to collect property taxes on behalf of the following taxing authorities:

  • School Boards - Public and Separate
  • Saskatoon Public Library
  • The City of Saskatoon
2014 Property Tax Details

The average residential property saw an $109.00 increase, or a 3.96% increase to their total 2014 property tax bill (municipal, library and school).

This was a result of: a 7.2% increase for the City (4.2% dedicated to roadways and 3% for general revenue), a 1.8% increase to the library budget, and a 0% increase in education taxes.

2013 was a reassessment year. If your new property assessment was higher or lower than in 2009, the tax $ increase or decrease as a result of the reassessment to your property - will be phased in on your property tax bill over the next four years. Here are some frequently asked questions about Phase-In that may be helpful for you:

What does phase-in mean? How does it work?

Why does my 2014 Property Tax Notice show a Tax Phase-In increase on the on the front - when the Phase-In calculation on the back says that I have a decrease? Please explain.

2014 Property Tax Bylaws

The 2014 Property Tax Notice displays a "tax rate" in place of the mill rates and mill rate factors. Although using a "tax rate" simplifies the display for the property tax notice, it does not replace the mill rate. In accordance with The Cities Act, City Council must set a mill rate based on the City's approved budget. The tax rates, along with the mill rates and mill rate factors, are included in the 2014 Property Tax Bylaws:

Use the Property Assessment & Tax Tool to find detailed assessment and tax information for a certain property you want to look up. You can also find out how the City distributes the property taxes it receives.

Please Note: The Property Assessment & Tax Tool will be updated with the new 2014 details after the first week of May, 2014.

2014 Property Tax - Important Dates

  • The 2014 Property Tax Notices will be sent out in May of 2014.
  • Property taxes are based on the calendar year ( January 1 to December 31) and are due June 30 of the tax year.
  • 2014 Property Taxes are due Monday, June 30, 2014.
  • Late payment penalties are added for tax payments made after June 30, 2014.
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