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Property Assessment & Tax Tool

Welcome to the Property Assessment & Tax Tool  where you can:

  • look up your property's current and previous assessed value
  • find market area information
  • view your property's historical tax information
  • see a detailed breakdown of how the municipal portion of your property taxes are allocated to various civic services, many of which we all rely on every day 
  • review  nearby property information

File an appeal of your property assessment

Change or correct your school support


Using the Tax Tool

Slowly type the first few characters of your street name (e.g. Cla, 8th, Ave, 22nd). If the street exists it will auto-complete and then you should expect to see a dropdown where you can select your street. If you see the little spinner icon the system is busy retrieving your address from the database. By using this tool, you are agreeing with our Terms of Use policy.