Celebrating Evergreen

Saskatoon Land has officially completed sales for single-family lots in Evergreen. The journey to this stage has been an exciting one, here is a look back on some key milestones achieved while developing Evergreen.

  • City Council approved Evergreen in June 2009
  • First lot draw was Poherecky in 2011
  • 2017 Evergreen Fair in the Square event celebrating the Evergreen community 
  • Last single-family lot was sold on November 9, 2020
  • There are over 1,740 single-family lots in Evergreen

Evergreen is named after a heritage stand of 50-year-old Scots pine trees in the southeast corner of the community. This exceptional community brings together a variety of housing choices and commercial opportunities in a beautiful setting surrounded by parks, 9km of looping trails, and gathering spaces.

Forever Green

EvergreenUnique in its location, Evergreen is surrounded by nature. To the west is the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo. Land located to the east and south is dedicated to agricultural research. To the north along Fedoruk Drive is the Northeast Swale, a natural prairie landscape within City limits that exhibits one of the most unique ecosystems in the world as it features some of the last Plains Rough Fescue (native prairie grasses) and is a natural wildlife corridor to the South Saskatchewan River. Parks, trails, and gathering spaces offer diversions for each season. With nature all around, it's easy to take the scenic route through the community.


Bridging Two Sides

EvergreenThe "Green Bridge" links the east and west sides of Evergreen and stretches over the main arterial road, McOrmond Drive. The bridge is an open air, fully landscaped continuation of the linear trail network that winds through the community. Pedestrians and cyclists can use the bridge to safely access the two new elementary schools, Core Park and commercial on the west side of Evergreen, or stroll to the District Village Commercial being developed on the east side of the community.


Where All Trails Meet

Evergreen trailsEvergreen is connected by an extensive park and looping trail system. Stroll, jog, run or pedal the entire community at your leisure. Trails meet at two locations. The first is the centrally located core park (Funk Park), located next to two new elementary schools (Sylvia Fedoruk and St. Nicholas) and community daycare centre. The second is the village square, a central meeting place for the community with medical clinics, dental clinic, fitness, and restaurants conveniently located close to home.


Entertainment in the Outdoors

Evergreen AmphitheatreLocated at the center of Evergreen, a spacious Amphitheatre stands as the cornerstone of the community's village square. Flanked by lush prairie gardens, the outdoor venue is a hub for activity. The amphitheatre offers a unique setting for performances, fitness and community gatherings where residents can indulge in commercial, social and entertainment activities.

Evergreen's amphitheatre can be booked by the public. To make a reservation, call the City of Saskatoon Allocations at 306-975-3366.


Environmental Incentive Program

Evergreen environmental incentiveModelled as a sustainable urban village, Evergreen harmoniously incorporates a combination of housing choices, green spaces and commercial opportunities. Building a home in Evergreen offers a variety of green options. For example, streets are aligned so the majority of homes receive the full benefit of sunlight, maximizing the opportunity to incorporate solar energy into homes.

Saskatoon Land is committed to building environmentally sustainable neighbourhoods and encourages environmentally friendly household practices by offering incentives to home builders and buyers purchasing lots from Saskatoon Land in Evergreen.

A $500 administrative cost rebate is offered to promote more energy efficient homes that are certified through the ENERGY STAR Qualified program, the EnerGuide for New Homes 80 (EGHN 80) program or the LEED Canada for Homes program.

To qualify for the rebate, energy-efficient homes must be:

  • ENERGY STAR Qualified, R-2000 Certified, or achieve one of the following minimum ratings under the EnerGuide Rating System (ERS);
  • 81 or higher (ERS 0-100 scale); or
  • at least 15% lower than the “typical new house” (ERS gigajoule scale).


In Evergreen, there's something for everyone. Discover shops, new elementary schools, parks and all the various amenities minutes from your doorstep.