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321 Avenue C North - Former Saskatoon Transit Facility

Saskatoon Land will be issuing a request for proposals (RFP) for the Sale, Rehabilitation and Adaptive Re-Use of the former Saskatoon Transit Building at 321 Avenue C North. The RFP will be issued on Monday, October 29, 2018 and submission deadline is Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 02:00:00 PM. 

The site is located at 321 Avenue C North on former Saskatoon Transit maintenance facility sites in the southern part of the Caswell Neighbourhood, a historic neighbourhood in close proximity to downtown. The site is easily accessible via two major arterial roadways including Idylwyld Drive, and 22nd Street West, which is planned to include a future Bus Rapid Transit Station in walkable distance to the subject site.

The site is within the boundary of the South Caswell Concept Plan (SCCP) approved by Saskatoon City Council in 2010. The SCCP was arrived at through extensive community engagement and consultation and resulted in a concept plan that outlines stakeholder expectations for the area. Since adoption of the SCCP, continued stakeholder engagement has taken place to inform the community of any plans for redevelopment of the site and to ensure community input is up-to-date. Most recent feedback was collected in January 2018. This RFP represents an important step in moving ahead with the sale and redevelopment of former transit facilities into a development that aligns with the spirit and intent of the SCCP.

Proponent project proposals should support the vision and goals of the South Caswell Concept Plan by introducing a high-quality adaptive re-use development that features attractive site development and architecture that improves the buildings’ relationship with adjacent streets and sidewalks.

Proposed uses should be compatible with existing adjacent uses and in combination with project design, have the capacity to add vitality to the area, thereby increasing interest and awareness of the neighbourhood as a desirable place in which to invest in and/or live.

Available Documentation

RFP No.: 18-0857 Sale, Rehabilitation and Adaptive Re-Use of the former Saskatoon Transit Building

ADDENDUM 18-0857 - November 21

321 Avenue C North

South Caswell Concept Plan

SCCP Community Stakeholder Feedback

South Caswell Land Use Concept Plan - Map 1

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