Find a Builder

Many of our lots are sold directly to homebuilders. To encourage safety, quality and lasting value for investors and families, Saskatoon Land requires all our homebuilders to meet the specific criteria, including:

  • Be approved as a probationary or eligible contractor with Saskatoon Land.
  • Be a homebuilder involved in constructing complete homes for sale.
  • Be incorporated in the Province of Saskatchewan.
  • Be a member of one of the recognized Third Party Home Warranty programs in Saskatchewan.
  • Have completed the mandatory training and safety courses.

The mandatory training helps ensure homebuilders meet a standard in business management and new home construction knowledge, and are committed to constructing quality homes in Saskatoon Land developments. Together, these criteria encourage a high level of professionalism in the residential homebuilding industry, providing homebuyers with an excellent choice of homebuilders.

Builder   E-mail Phone
A.R.T. Construction Ltd.      
Aidan Homes Ltd.                             Email 306-221-3120
B&D Star Homes Ltd.      Email 306-261-4453
Barry Homes Inc.     Email 306-492-3937
Black Diamond Developments Ltd.      306-291-0772
Blackrock Developments Limited               Email 306-955-6635
Bondi Developments Ltd.                  Email 306-221-0491
Brahm Development Corporation        
Brant Homes Inc.                             Email 306-291-7741
Bronze Developments Ltd                      Email 306-281-8120
Cambridge Homes Ltd.      Email 306-381-0406
Capilano Developments Inc.                      Email 306-222-1163
CFN Construction Ltd.                        Email 306-717-7353
City Homes Ltd.    Email 306-261-5336
CK Homes Ltd.                       Email 306-222-5888
CNS Developments Inc.    Email 306-291-2931
D&S Developments                       Email 306-374-4774
Daon Construction Ltd.                       Email 306-227-0307
Daytona Homes                       Email 306-343-1216
Decora Homes Ltd.                            Email 306-651-1750
District Builders Ltd.    Email 306-262-7054
Dulat Homes Ltd.        
Edgewater Development Corp.     Email 306-280-5812
Edison Homes     Email 306-222-3570
Ehrenburg Homes     Email 306-384-1473
Evershine Construction    Email 306-219-1000
Executive Home Builders Ltd.    Email 306-202-7876
Felix Homes    Email 306-262-5298
GGM Developments Ltd.        
Gill Homes Ltd.            Email 306-612-0676
Goncharov Construction Inc.      Email 306-250-7610
Green Villas Construction Ltd.            Email 306-974-7161
Greystone Homes Inc.                         Email 306-380-2520
H & L Contractors Ltd.     Email 306-612-3238
Haven Builders Inc.      Email 306-382-3667
High Trade Enterprises Inc.        
Himmat Homes Ltd.      Email 306-205-8200
Hollywood Homes Inc.                         Email 306-373-9199
Homes by Ens                            Email 306-933-9864
Hunchak Homes Ltd                            Email 306-222-3068
ICD Developments Ltd.        
Indus Homes Ltd.                      Email 306-881-9100
Intex Homes    Email 306-500-8180
J.H. Enterprises (1969) Ltd.   Email 306-652-5322
Jaylin Homes Inc.                            Email 306-931-8999
KCB Developments Ltd.                        Email 306-954-6094
KW Homes (2012) Ltd.                         Email 306-222-5648
Laker Developments Corp.        
Legacy Homes Ltd.                         Email 306-955-5000
Lexington Homes & Construction Ltd.        
Lexis Developments Corp                      Email 306-934-8150
Longyu-Blz Construction Inc.     Email 306-713-2877
M2 Construction Ltd.    Email 306-331-HOME
M & G Homes    Email 306-491-5464
Maison  Design + Build    Email 306-242-3653
Marco Developments Ltd.        
Mega Construction         Email 306-241-2715
Milano Homes Ltd.        
Montebello Homes    Email 306-381-9998
Mosaic Developments Corp.                    Email 306-227-2707
Neu-Homes Ltd.    Email 306-221-9377
Newrock Developments Sask Ltd.    Email 403-529-1023
Norfehr Contracting Ltd.     Email 306-227-4562
North Prairie Developments     Email 306-931-2880
North Ridge Development Corporation      Email 306-242-2434
Norwood Developments Ltd.                    Email 306-229-9237
O Homes Ltd.                                 Email 306-341-4002
On The Mark Residential Project Management        
Oxford Homes Ltd.     Email 306-262-5928
Pacesetter Homes                      Email 306-244-7900
Pawluk Homes                      Email 306-249-2268
Peakland Construction Ltd.    Email 306-609-9000
Pegasus Construction Ltd..        
Persia Construction                     Email 306-717-6549
Prairie Living Homes Ltd.                    Email 306-341-9149
Pure Developments Inc.                       Email 306-281-2340
Pyram Builders Inc.     306-270-3154
R & D Fraser Homes Ltd.       306-934-3086
Red Lion Developments Ltd.                   Email 306-202-6094
Riverbend Developments Ltd.                  Email 306-244-4487
Rohit Communities.                  Email 306-518-8683
Rosler Construction 2000 Inc.                Email 306-933-0033
Royal Canadian Development Ltd.        
Royalty Construction Inc.   Email 306-229-9687
Samtron Realestate Corp.                     Email 306-384-0006
Selkirk Developments Inc.                    Email 306-242-5133
Silver Stone Developments Ltd.               Email 306-260-3100
Sopreme Homes   Email 306-260-2417
Streetscape Homes         Email 306-370-7323
Touchstone Development Corp.                 Email 306-974-5099
Tuscany Homes Inc.        
Vinland Homes Ltd.     Email 306-290-4716
Vox Development Ltd.     Email 306-230-2488
Warman Homes    Email 306-933-9595
Westbury Homes Ltd.                              Email 306-880-5277
Westridge Homes                              Email 306-652-9974