Residential Lots

Who can purchase Saskatoon Land residential lots?

Saskatoon Land offers single unit residential lots for sale to eligible contractors as well as to individuals. In doing so, Saskatoon Land strives to foster competition and diversity in the home building industry by ensuring a fair and equitable allocation of City-owned land.

How do I become an eligible contractor with Saskatoon Land?

Saskatoon Land will only sell lots to contractors who meet the following eligibility criteria. The applicant must:

1. Be a home builder constructing complete homes for sale.
2. Be incorporated in the Province of Saskatchewan.
3. Be a member of one of the recognized third party home warranty programs in Saskatchewan.
4. Complete the probationary requirement prior to becoming an eligible contractor recognized by Saskatoon Land.

We reserve the right to determine contractor eligibility and to sell lots only to those in good standing. We also reserve the right to remove any contractor from the eligibility list and to determine the number of lots offered to any contractor at any time.

What is the probationary requirement?

As noted above, a contractor must complete a probationary requirement prior to becoming an eligible contractor recognized by Saskatoon Land. To do this, the contractor must:

  • Complete, sign, and seal the Probationary Contractor Eligibility – Initial Form and submit the required attachments (outlined in the form). Use the Business Plan Guideline as an outline for information to include in your business plan. Saskatoon Land will need a minimum of 7 working days to review your application. During the review period, you will not be allowed to put a lot on hold nor purchase a lot.

Once your application is approved, your first lot will be a probationary lot. In order to purchase additional lots, you must first meet the following criteria on the probationary lot:

  • Pay an initial deposit of 50% of the purchase price at the time of purchase, as well as all applicable taxes.
  • Pay the remaining balance of the purchase price within one year from date of purchase.
  • Agree to complete construction, including all deficiencies, within one year from the date of purchase.
  • Agree to purchase the initial City-owned lot from available inventory and not from a lot draw offering.
  • Complete the remainder of mandatory training within one year from the date of purchase.

Saskatoon Land reserves the right to limit the number of lots offered to a probationary contractor and to offer no more lots until proof has been received that the contractor meets all the criteria.

What is mandatory training?

All Eligible Contractors must complete the required training.

All new probationary applicants must complete at least one of the mandatory training courses or the safety course before being allowed to purchase their first lot. You will have one year to complete the remaining mandatory training, either through the Saskatoon & Region Home Builders Association, or through a similar course approved by Saskatoon Land. There are seven courses in total that must be taken. The cost per course through the Home Builders’ Association is $500 for non-members and $300 for members.

All probationary contractors must take one of the following two approved safety courses:

Leadership through Safety Excellence provided by the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA).
Health and Safety for Supervisors and Managers provided by OH&S Canada online.

Other acceptable programs are COR and SECOR, also provided by the SCSA. Other courses may also be acceptable if they are first approved by Saskatoon Land. At a minimum, the course must contain the following:

  • rights and responsibilities of managers, supervisors and workers
  • legislation and regulatory requirements
  • workplace inspection and accident investigation
  • hazard recognition and control measures
  • developing and implementing effective workplace programs

How do I renew my eligible contractor status?

To maintain your eligible contractor status, you will need to submit an annual renewal application. Complete, sign and seal the Eligible Contractor Application Form and submit along with the required attachments, including proof of incorporation, license information, shareholder Information, proof of membership in an approved new home warranty program, proof of $2,000,000 liability insurance and proof of Worker's Compensation Coverage/Registration.


  • No allocation will be made to any contractor or company known to have officers or shareholders in common with any other contractor or company otherwise eligible, until both or all contractors or companies so involved have designated only one of the contractors or companies as being the one eligible for City lot allocations.
  • Any contractor or company that has individuals buy lots, or permits individuals to buy lots, on behalf of the contractor or company will be removed from Saskatoon Land’s eligible contractor list. This does not apply, however, when officers or shareholders of the company or contractor purchase lots as individuals for their own personal residence, subject to the sales policies applicable to individuals.
  • Any contractor or company selling lots without a house on the lot will be removed from the City's eligible contractor's list.

What new home warranty programs are currently accepted by Saskatoon Land?

Home warranty programs currently accepted by Saskatoon Land:

Aviva Canada/National Home Warranty
#1900, 10130-103 Street NW, Edmonton, AB, T5J 3N9

Blanket Home Warranty
Suite 2201 Bell Tower, 10104 103 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0H8

New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan Inc.
#14-102 Cope Crescent, Saskatoon, SK  S7T 0X2

Progressive Home Warranty Solutions
325 Carleton Drive, St. Albert AB T8N 7L1

How do I purchase a lot as an individual for the construction of my own personal, principal residence?

You can buy a residential lot for the construction of your own personal, principal residence. However, you (as an individual) cannot have purchased a lot directly from Saskatoon Land in the last three years. 


  • The Land Titles Office does not accept initials.
  • Your name should appear as your full legal name. Adding your middle name may distinguish you from another person with the same name. 
  • The individual(s) on the Agreement for Sale will be who the Transfer is made out to. If an amendment is required to either add or remove a name, there will be a $100 charge. 

What is the minimum down payment required?

Saskatoon Land requires a minimum down payment of 13% of the total price of the lot. Individuals will also need to pay GST on the total price of the lot.  

When must I pay the balance?

The full balance (principal plus interest) is to be paid on or before the date set out in the agreement. Payment terms for the lots may vary. Please contact Saskatoon Land for more information.

When can I begin construction?

Upon signing the Agreement for Sale or possession date (if delayed for servicing completion), Saskatoon Land will allow possession of the lot for the construction proposed. Saskatoon Land’s architectural approval of dwelling plans is required prior to the submission of a building permit application from the Building Standards Department. Please see Saskatoon Land's Architectural Controls for more information. Construction must be finished and the home must pass the final building inspection within three years from the date of the Agreement for Sale or possession date. If the home is not complete within three years, a $50,000 penalty will apply.

When am I responsible for the property taxes?

Property taxes become the responsibility of the purchaser from the first of the month following the date of sale or possession date. For example, if a lot is purchased June 19th, the property taxes become the responsibility of the purchaser on July 1st.

When can I have the title transferred to my name?

The title will be issued upon receipt of payment in full or may be forwarded under appropriate trust conditions to a recognized solicitor.

What happens if I do not meet the terms of the Agreement for Sale?

An agreement is defaulted when any of the terms are not met within the time of the Agreement for Sale. If this occurs, Saskatoon Land will take the necessary steps to cancel the sale.

Do I have to live in the house built?

For individual purchasers, there is a four-year residency requirement beginning from the date the lot is completely paid out. 

What if I want to cancel the sale?

In the event of cancellation, rent for the right of possession is charged for the time the purchaser has held the lot. The rent is one percent of the purchase price of the lot (pro-rated to include any days in excess of the first 30 days) plus GST for each month the lot is held, plus a $500 processing fee. The rent, GST, and processing fee are deducted from the down payment, and any remaining portion is refunded or charged. Cancellation is not allowed if the price of the lot was negotiated.

How do I put a lot on hold?

Online access is available to eligible contractors. A simple two-step process:

1) Create an account - please allow Saskatoon land staff time to review this application process (approximately 2 business days).

                   2) Proceed with placing single unit lots on hold (maximum of 5 lots per day)

            Click here to review the Detailed procedures on how to place a online hold.

A lot may be put on hold for one week only. At the time the lot is put on hold, you will be given a date that the hold will expire.

A hold on a lot does not give the right of possession or any legal claim to that lot. It is intended to allow a temporary “first right of refusal” on a lot to give potential purchasers a short period of time to finalize their decision to purchase. Absolutely no construction is allowed until after a down payment is received by Saskatoon Land and an Agreement for Sale is signed.

Saskatoon Land accepts no responsibility for contacting the individual or contractor to inform them that the hold has expired. It is the responsibility of the individual or the contractor to keep track of when their hold expires.

Renewal of a hold may be granted only:

  • On the expiration date of the original hold. It is recommended that you call in the morning of the expiry day to renew; and
  • If there have been no other requests to hold the lot.

Saskatoon Land may, at the discretion of the director, designate certain lots as ineligible for a hold and may also, without notice, deny holds on all lots.

If more than one request for a hold on a specific lot is received:

  • The first request received shall be given one week to hold the lot, as stated above.
  • The second request received shall be told of the first hold. The first hold has the right to purchase the lot within their given time frame. If the lot is not purchased before the first hold expires, the second request shall have the next hold for one week.
  • The second and any subsequent requests shall be given a time frame for their period of hold at the time the inquiry is made. Saskatoon Land is not responsible for  contacting the individual or contractor again for any reason (i.e. to inform them of the start or end of their hold or if a cheque is received from another party wishing to purchase the lot).

If a lot is on hold and Saskatoon Land receives a request to purchase the lot accompanied by a down payment cheque:

  • Saskatoon Land will conditionally accept a cheque from the party making the request to purchase.
  • The current hold shall stand until the time has expired. Saskatoon Land is not responsible for contacting the current holder to inform them of the impending sale. Also, the waiting list will no longer be in effect and no notification of such will be given.
  • If the lot is purchased by the party that had the lot on hold, the original party’s cheque will be returned.
  • If the lot is not purchased by the party with the current hold on the lot, the party with the original cheque shall be informed that their purchase can proceed.
  • In either situation, Saskatoon Land will make every reasonable effort to inform the party wishing to purchase within 24 hours.
  • Saskatoon Land will make every reasonable attempt to inform everyone on a waiting list for the lot that the lot has been purchased.
  • Only one cheque can be placed as a backup hold at a time.


  • There is no charge for putting a lot on hold.
  • A hold or renewal on a lot may be done by email or over the phone.
  • Renewals can only be done on the date the hold expires.
  • A hold will be allowed only if the individual is eligible to purchase the lot (i.e., has not purchased a lot from the Saskatoon Land in the last three years).
  • If you purchase the lot you have on hold, your name must appear on the Agreement for Sale. If holding a lot, the lot can only be sold to the person or persons to whom the hold is registered (i.e., you cannot hold for a friend or family member; if a company has the hold, it cannot be on behalf of a client).
  • Only one lot will be held per immediate family at any given time. If multiple lots are held by the same family, all holds will be removed.
  • The procedures as stated are subject to change without notice.

What is the Rebate Program?

Cash back landscaping and driveway rebates are available for select inventory in Aspen Ridge, Kensington, Parkridge and Brighton. Restrictions apply. Visit the Rebate Program page for more details.

Industrial Lots 

How can I purchase industrial land?

There are three ways to purchase industrial property from Saskatoon Land:

  • Outright Purchase
  • Option to Purchase
  • Leasing of Property

Outright Purchase

Upon payment of full purchase price by the purchaser, Saskatoon Land will transfer the title.

Option to Purchase

Prospective purchasers may enter into an Option to Purchase Agreement under the following terms.

Step 1 Purchase Request: Review the property information package on saskatoonland.ca. Contact Saskatoon Land at 306-975-LAND with any questions or for further information.

Step 2 Allowable Time of Option: The maximum time allowed for an Option to Purchase Agreement is six (6) months.

Step 3 Required Option Fee: The option fee is 2% of the selling price of the lot optioned, plus GST, payable in advance. In the event an option is exercised within the option period, the option fee shall be credited to the purchase price of the lot. If the option is not exercised, the option fee is forfeited.

Step 4 Possession: No right of possession accompanies an option. The optionee may, with permission from Saskatoon Land, enter the property to conduct certain soil tests or other examinations for the purpose of construction planning.

Step 5 Assignment: An option may be assigned with the permission of Saskatoon Land.

Step 6 Exercising an Option: The optionee may only exercise an option within the allowable time of the option. The option may be exercised by notice in writing, accompanied by full payment of the balance of the purchase price.

Step 7 Transfer of Title: In order to receive a Transfer of Title, the purchaser must provide full payment and any applicable right-of-possession charges.

Leasing of Property

Saskatoon Land will consider proposals to lease industrial land, subject to City Council approval, under the terms and conditions of the Industrial Incentive Program - Long Term Lease.

Step 1 Availability: All City-owned industrial land available for sale over-the-counter, with the exception of land tendered under the Tax Enforcement Act, is available to lease. Review property information on the Saskatoon Land website (www.saskatoonland.ca) or contact Saskatoon Land at 306-975-3278 for more information.

Step 2 Lease Rate: Lease rate is based on a percentage applied to the selling price of the serviced land. The lease rate will be adjusted after 10 years and every 5 years thereafter.

Step 3 Lease Term: The lease term is for 15 years with an option to renew for an additional 5 years.

Step 4 Liability Insurance: The lessee must have general liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000, with Saskatoon Land as a named insured. The lessee must provide proof of general liability insurance each year.

Step 5 Taxes: The lessee is responsible for all local government taxes (property and business).

Step 6 Improvements: The lessee must commit to improvements and such improvements must be consistent with the nature of the tenant’s operations.

Step 7 Permanent Construction: Permanent construction is permitted on the land.

Step 8 Option to Purchase: The lessee will have the option to purchase the property at any time during the term of the lease at a price equivalent to the selling price in effect at the time the lease agreement was entered into and a building foundation is constructed.

What servicing is included with the purchase of industrial land?

Only those properties that have complete services (i.e. sewer, water, utilities, curbs, and at least a gravel-based road with paving to be provided within a reasonable period) are available for sale. The purchaser is responsible for all private connections into the lot. 

How are prices on industrial parcels calculated?

Lot prices are calculated using prices for land, services and on a comparative analysis of similar properties in the Saskatoon market and are approved by the Standing Policy Committee on Finance. All lot prices are subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST).

When does the title transfer to the purchaser?

The Transfer Authorization will be issued upon receipt of payment in full, and will be forwarded to the purchaser's solicitor.

When is the purchaser responsible for payment of property taxes?

Property taxes will be adjusted in accordance with the possession date.




Multi-Unit & Commercial

How can I purchase multi-unit or commercial land?

Saskatoon Land releases all new suburban centre property through either a tender or an open market sales approach. Land that is not sold through these methods is sold over the counter on a first-come, first-served basis.


Step 1 Tender Request: Request tender packages by contacting Saskatoon Land at 306-975-LAND. Current tender packages are also available on saskatoonland.ca.

Step 2 Submission: Bids must be accompanied by a certified cheque or bank draft payable to the City of Saskatoon for 10% of the tendered price and must be submitted on the tender form. Ensure your bid is submitted prior to the deadline. Ensure your bid addresses all of the terms and conditions outlined in the sales package and application form.

  • No multiple bids for a single property will be accepted.
  • No bids less than the Reserve Bid will be accepted.
  • No conditional bids will be accepted.

Should the successful bidder not purchase the property, the deposit will be forfeited. Deposit cheques received from unsuccessful bidders will be returned.

Step 3 Review: All bids are reviewed by Saskatoon Land following the application deadline. The successful proponent is contacted by a Saskatoon Land representative. Bids must be independent from any other bidder or potential bidder. Saskatoon Land may, at its discretion, take any action it considers appropriate (including rejecting any bid or disqualifying any bidder from bidding on this tender or another tender) if, in its opinion, there is any appearance that a bidder has consulted another bidder or potential bidder regarding:

  • prices
  • methods, factors or formulas used to calculate prices
  • the intention or decision to submit, or not submit, a bid
  • any other indication of collusion regarding bid prices

Step 4 Agreement: The successful bidder must enter into a Sale Agreement within 30 days of notification of the award of the tender. Failure to enter into the Sale Agreement within the prescribed time period will be deemed in default of the terms of the tender and the bid deposit will be forfeited.

Step 5 Architectural Approval: The successful bidder shall not apply for a building permit until receiving final Architectural Controls approval from Saskatoon Land. Once the architectural evaluation is completed, the successful bidder may apply for a building permit by providing the Building Standards Division with a copy of the Sale Agreement, building plans and Architectural Controls approval letter.   Saskatoon Land reserves the right to take up to two weeks to review and comment on the plans after any submission is made by the successful bidder.

Step 6 Post Closing Obligations: Purchaser complies with all terms and conditions set forth by the Sale Agreement.

Open Market

Step 1 Purchase Request: Review the property information package on saskatoonland.ca. Contact Saskatoon Land at 306-975-LAND with any questions or for further information.

Step 2 Submission: Submit the Purchaser Application Form and Document Checklist to Saskatoon Land. Ensure that the Purchaser Application Form is submitted prior to the deadline. Ensure that your offer addresses all of the terms and conditions outlined in the sales package and application form.

Step 3 Review: All offers are reviewed by Saskatoon Land following the application deadline. The successful proponent is contacted by a Saskatoon Land representative. Negotiations regarding the purchase price and other terms and conditions of the sale then occur. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified once the Sale Agreement is executed by the successful proponent.

Step 4 Approval: The transaction is brought forward for corporate approval. Modifications to the transaction may be made during the approval process. The successful applicant will be notified of such modifications. A 10% non-refundable deposit of the purchase price is due within ten (10) days of offer acceptance.

Step 5 Architectural Approval: Proposed building permit plans will be reviewed by Saskatoon Land for compliance with Saskatoon Land’s Architectural Controls. The first submission of plans must be received by Saskatoon Land within eight weeks of offer acceptance. Proponents will have a total of 18 weeks from the date of offer acceptance to obtain final architectural approval from Saskatoon Land.  The successful bidder shall not apply for a building permit until receiving final Architectural Controls approval from Saskatoon Land.

Step 6 Agreement: Negotiations are finalized and a Sale Agreement is executed between Saskatoon Land and the successful purchaser. The Sale Agreement must be executed within 30 days of final negotiations. Final payment is due no later than 30 days from the date of final architectural approval. Upon receipt of payment in full and upon architectural approval by Saskatoon Land, the successful purchaser may apply for required permits to begin construction.

Step 7 Post Closing Obligations: Purchaser complies with all terms and conditions set forth by the Sale Agreement.  Saskatoon Land prepares a land sale report annually listing all land transactions approved by the City of Saskatoon's Chief Financial Officer.

How do I purchase suburban centre property over the counter?

Land that is not sold through the tender or open market process is sold over the counter on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • If the land was offered through the tender process, the land will be available for sale at the reserve bid price.
  • If the land was offered through the open market process, Saskatoon Land may consider offers on the land and enter into a negotiation process with potential purchasers.

How can I be notified regarding new land releases?

Please email land@saskatoon.ca to request notifications on new land releases such as tax titles, infill lots, multi-unit, commercial and industrial.

Notifications pertaining to single-unit land releases are only advertised on Saskatoon Land’s website and in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix.  


Multi-Lot Allocation (MLA)

Will price be negotiated for MLAs? 

No, lot prices are not negotiableListed price on map will apply to all allocated lots, we will negotiate on which lots will be allocated. 

Can a builder participate in both the MLA and the Lot Draw? 

No, if a builder purchases in the MLA process they would not be eligible to enter the lot draw. It will be possible to purchase additional lots after the lot draw prior to placing the lots for sale over the counter.

How are the lots going to be allocated?

Saskatoon Land will attempt to allocate builders their desired selections based on their scoring with the Contractor Eligibility & Application Scoring Criteria. If it is not possible for a builder to receive their exact selections, Saskatoon Land will attempt to find lots that are similar and discuss with the builder if they would be acceptable. 

If no offering is acceptable to the purchaser, they may withdraw their interest in the MLA and participate in the standard Lot Draw later. 

What happens if multiple builders want the same lot(s)? 

To aid in allocating lots to builders, Saskatoon Land will consider the Contractor Eligibility & Application Scoring CriteriaBuilders with higher scoring submissions will have a greater chance of being allocated preferred lot selections. 

Is it possible for all lots in the entire neighbourhood being release to sell out through the MLA?

No, Saskatoon Land will ensure to hold a variety of all lot types and sizes for the regular lot draw process.

Are builders allowed to take some of the lots allocated, but not all? 

Provided that the minimum purchasing requirement is met, a builder does not need to take all of the lots allocated. 

What is the build time requirement on lots purchased through the MLA? 

Lots purchased through the MLA will have the same 3 year build time requirement as per Council Policy. Extensions may be granted as allowable under Policy. 

Can lots be returned? 

Lots may be returned following typical return process and fees.  If the returns occur shortly after the MLA and bring total purchases below the required minimum, the builders’ ability to enter future MLAs may be impacted. 

Why are only a portion of the lots being made available for sale in this MLA? 

A Lot Draw will occur after the MLA is complete. To ensure we have lots available at all price ranges for the Lot Draw, we have set aside a portion of each neighbourhood. 

How is the MLA format more beneficial than the Lot Draw Format?

The MLA format may not be the best purchase method for every builder. It is most beneficial to large volume builders and builders wanting to increase the chance of having their lot inventory close together or in groupings. Smaller or custom home builders will likely opt to participate in the traditional lot draw process.

If neighbourhood purchase restrictions are set up, can a builder purchase more than the maximum lots if they maintain the same ratio?  

The numbers of lots able to be allocated to each builder will largely depend on the number of applicants received. If few applications are received, Saskatoon Land will likely be able to allocate more lots, but the same ratio would have to be maintained