Our Communities

Saskatoon Land is helping shape Saskatoon. We take pride in building innovative communities that offer valued amenities, enhanced quality of life and lasting value for investors and families. Our communities reflect the collective vision that Saskatoon citizens developed for the future in the Growth Plan.

  • Higher population density, measured in overall dwelling units per acre, creates a greater sense of vitality and community, as well as more housing, leisure, shopping, amenities, work and travel options.
  • Mixed-use land parcels promote lower vehicle dependence and stronger local economies by setting the stage for businesses to offer goods and services locally.
  • Transit-oriented development along arterial streets promotes public transit, while alternative transportation routes (such as trail systems) offer more options for moving around.
  • Preserving natural features such as wildlife corridors, healthy tree belts and prairie remnant grassland, as well as naturalized reconstruction of wetland areas promotes healthy, sustainable communities and connections to the environment.
  • Designing streets and key sites with solar orientation in mind maximizes opportunities for solar and alternative energy.

Saskatoon is a place where culture thrives and diversity is respected and celebrated. Many of our communities are “complete communities” that bring together services, amenities and housing options to ensure every citizen feels a sense of belonging.

Aspen Ridge
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